Sunday 13 January 2013

Knife, fork & spoon cafe - Norwich

(Now closed)

76E Catton Grove Road

Opening hours
Monday - Saturday
630am - 3pm

Breakfast served all day

Knife, Fork & Spoon Cafe has recently opened on Catton Grove Road.

There is a large breakfast menu on the wall by the counter offering a good selection of breakfasts.

I went for the large breakfast but the grill was very tempting.

Quality sauces in bottles and a classic sugar dispenser are always a welcome sight.

I forget exactly how much hot drinks cost but I remember them being reasonably priced.

This is the large breakfast, every item you could wish for is found on the plate and it was a real joy to eat. The seasoning on the tomato was delicious as was everything on the plate. One of the best breakfasts I have ever eaten and it cost less than £5!!

Excellent mushrooms and fried eggs, crisp hash browns and golden fried bread, top stuff!

Quality sausages and underneath the fried eggs I found 2 slices of delicious bacon.

This is the vegetarian breakfast, the vegetarian sausage is homemade and fried potato slices are included too.

Just over a year ago I had visited 76e Catton Grove Road when it was Posh Nosh Internet Cafe, sadly it has since closed. Late last year I drove along Catton Grove Road and noticed a new cafe was due to be opening soon in the same premises. As soon as I realised Knife Fork & Spoon had opened I decided to go along and give it a look...

Upon entering - There is a fairly large and well lit dining area with a counter at the rear. Beside the counter on the right is a large breakfast menu, once you have decided what you want simply place your order at the counter and everything will be bought over when it is ready. Each table has a neat cluster of quality sauces, salt, pepper and sugar, the cutlery is brought over with the food. The walls are still looking quite bare but it has only recently opened, everything is really clean and it is a great environment to sit and chat in. The vibrant signage, menu and logo with clever ampersand design is excellent. 7/10

Service - The chef and lady taking our order were really welcoming and friendly taking time to explain the vegetarian breakfast to my wife. Everything arrived in good time served piping hot and we were asked if we would like anymore drinks and if everything was ok. When we left they said goodbye which is always nice to hear and makes you feel appreciated as a customer. 9/10

Contents - 2 sausages, 2 bacon, 2 slices of black pudding, 2 fried eggs, 2 hash browns, half a grilled tomato, mushrooms, beans, fried bread and buttered toast. To get all these items as standard on a breakfast is amazing and a rare find! 10/10

Presentation - There was a lot on the plate and it all looked excellent! Hidden in the depths was the bacon underneath the nice looking pair of fried eggs. The quality of the sausages was immediately noticeable and the seasoned tomato I could tell straight away was going to taste special. The mix of colours was incredible and my only dilemma was what to taste first, it all looked so good! 9/10

The food - 2 good quality pork sausages with a great texture and good chunky bacon accompanied the delicious sliced black pudding. 2 fried eggs with deep yellow yolks that were a tad runny on top but not enough to cause concern were delicious eaten on top of the hot buttered toast dipped into the juicy beans. The hash browns were spot on with a perfect crunch and a soft textured centre, the mushrooms were excellent too. The chunky slice of fried bread was just how it should be, golden in colour and a great crunch when you bite into it. The seasoning used on top of the tomato was stunning and accompanied it perfectly.  9/10

Value for money - I am always looking for a good selection of items, quality ingredients and a good amount of food for your money. The breakfast here provided all 3 of those things for less than £5!! Worth every penny and I would have very happily paid more money for it. 10/10

Veggie option - The homemade sausage is made on the premises (I tried it and it was really good) and comes with 2 hash browns, 2 fried eggs, fried potato slices, mushrooms, seasoned tomato, beans and buttered toast for just £3.95!

Overall - Quite a few new cafes in Norwich have opened in the past year offering excellent breakfasts and the Knife Fork & Spoon Cafe is no exception. The food served in this great cafe by the friendly staff is incredibly nice and the prices are unbelievable value for money. It is quite far from the city centre but well worth visiting and anyone living North of the city should consider themselves very lucky as this place is excellent. Norwich's ever growing number of places serving great breakfast has just increased again, I wish Knife fork & spoon all the best with their new Cafe. 9/10


  1. Popped in here today for a (very) late breakfast. Everything you said in your report I found to be true. Service friendly, food excellent and plenty of it and prices a steal... 1st class!

  2. Hi,


    visited Friday, 15 Feb 2013 and was closed. no indication of reason or when it may be open again.


  3. Yes, me too. The Facebook page appears to have gone too!