Thursday 30 August 2012

Devizes Inn - Salisbury

53-55 Devizes Road

The cathederal in Salisbury is certainly impressive with its 404 ft spire.

Not the best shot of Devizes Inn but the main road made it difficult to get a better one. 

The room was spacious, clean, had a nice big bath and a comfy bed. Perfect after spending 4 days at a festival!

Most drink trays found in hotel rooms never have enough supplies, this was not the case at Devizes Inn though!

The breakfast tray arrived on time, everything you needed sat neatly together on the tray.

The food tasted good enough and was still hot when it arrived.

A nice selection of sauces and jams were available.

A good half pint of orange juice was on the tray too, nothing worst than when places bring you a thimble sized glass of the stuff!

I wrapped one slice of toast around some bacon and popped some egg and beans (I have never been scared of the 2 touching!) on top of the other slice.

As there is no dining room at Devizes Inn you eat at a table inside your room. The table was plenty big enough though and there was no worry about having to share a table with strangers.

Having spent 4 days at the excellent Boomtown Fair we were both in need of a proper bed and a long soak in a bath. We had decided to make Salisbury the next stop on our road trip as we had never been here before and it was a fairly short drive from Winchester. We chose Devizes Inn as the room had a bath, there was free wifi, parking and breakfast was included.
We found it fairly easily and from the outside it looked a bit worn so we were keen to see how it looked inside...

Upon entering - Devizes Inn is a pub downstairs with rooms upstairs, as there is no dining room the breakfast is brought to your room at an agreed time (9am being the latest). The room we were given was a good size with plenty of space, it was nice and clean with an ensuite bathroom. There was a table with placemats, coasters and 2 chairs in the room for you to sit and eat your breakfast at. The tea/coffee making facilities in the room were excellent with a very generous amount of supplies which was a pleasant surprise as there is usually never enough. The hotel served its purpose perfectly, the wifi worked nicely, the bath was great and there was plenty of hot water available. We were able to leave the hotel the next day cleaned up from the festival and having checked everything we needed to online due to the reliable wifi. 8/10

Service - A few days before arriving at Devizes Inn we noticed that the check in time was 5pm, this was not ideal as we would be arriving in Salisbury around 2pm. We contacted them asking if we could check in any earlier and they kindly agreed we could arrive at 3pm, on the day they let us check in even earlier at 2.45 which we really appreciated. I only ever saw one member of staff (possibly the owner) the whole time I was there, he checked us in and brought breakfast to the room in the morning. He was very efficient at checking us in and kindly carried my wife's bag upstairs to the room. The next morning he arrived at the door with the breakfast neatly set out on a large tray. 8/10

Contents - 2 sausages, 2 bacon, 2 hash browns, 1 fried egg, beans, toast & flora and orange juice. 6/10

Presentation - The tray was quite a sight when it arrived with everything neatly placed and looking great, even the sauces and jams were all facing the same way. The hash browns held back a sea of beans from washing over a nicely cooked egg, bacon and sausages. 8/10

The food - The sausages seemed reasonable quality and tasted nice as did the bacon which was quite crispy. The fried egg had runny yolk intact and was slightly crispy on the bottom. The hash browns were crispy outside, fluffy in the middle and tasted great. The beans were fairly standard and the toast was nice enough. 7/10

Value for money - The double room cost £60, included breakfast and was well equipped with everything we were expecting. The tea/coffee making facilities in the room were the best I have ever seen before. We left feeling like it was money well spent and the breakfast was nice, the fact it was bought to the room on a tray was quite a nice touch! 8/10

Veggie option - Yes, I am not sure what it consisted of but it was an option.

Overall - We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Devizes Inn and I am am glad we chose to stay there. The chap running the place was helpful and efficient and the facilities exceeded our expectations, as did the breakfast. I would happily stay here again and would recommend it to anybody visiting Salisbury needing a room for the night. 7.5


  1. Broken link, the website is now, and there is no mention of their offering accommodation.

  2. Thanks! I'll look at it once I'm back home again :-)