Monday 20 February 2012

Giraffe - Norwich

409 Chapelfield Plain
Chapelfield Shopping Centre

Full brunch served till 4pm everyday

Taking a photo behind a wall is great if you don't want to be seen, it does get in the way a bit though! Oh, well.. This is Giraffe, part of Chapelfield Shopping Centre in Norwich.

It was a bit tricky getting a photo of the busy downstairs seating area so I took one upstairs instead, both looked quite similar.

I was loving the presentation of everything right away.

Neat and tidy is always best!

A bar in the background and is that sauces I see?

Yep, the best selection of quality sauces I have ever had on the table!!

Sugar presentation perfection!

Damn good cappuccino and presentation to match.

Not exactly a Full English but many elements of it were there on my plate and they looked and tasted amazingly good. This is the Full Brunch, it cost £8.25 and is available till 4pm every day.

The eggs were amazing and went perfectly with the toasted sourdough.

Another week and time for another fry up inspection, this time I had Monday off work so decided to visit somewhere. The only problem was deciding where to go, I shared my dilemma on my facebook page and a friend suggested a poll so my readers could decide. This was a great idea and the place with the highest votes was Giraffe. I had been there for lunch some time ago and remembered the food being nice but now the time had arrived to see how good the breakfast was. The breakfast menu didn't offer a Full English breakfast but the Full Brunch seemed like the nearest thing so I decided to try that...

Upon entering - There is a large selection of tables downstairs and even more upstairs, I also spotted an outside balcony area that most likely becomes quite popular in the summer months. The interior is very contemporary and spacious, each table awaits with cutlery neatly nestled on top of the placemat and a menu sits comfortably with the salt & pepper pots. If you prefer to choose before you enter there are 2 large menus outside. Giraffe's has full table service so wait to be seated and the waiter/waitress will take care of everything. 8/10

Service - The waitress showed me to a table and once I had decided what I wanted she returned to take my order. The first thing to arrive was the most amazingly neat sugar selection I had ever seen followed by what must have been any sauce lovers ultimate dream! Next came the fantastic (though £3.05 is a tad expensive) cappuccino followed by the equally fantastic looking Full Brunch. The waitress checked everything was ok and returned later asking if I would like anything else, I asked her for the bill and she bought it telling me it was ok to take my time as they didn't need the table. The service was not just excellent but very sincere too and when you come across this it is a rare treat. I was planning on leaving a tip but noticed a service charge of 10% is already added to the bill, I guess this is quite common in restaurants but I prefer to have a choice in leaving a tip. 8/10

Contents - 1 sausage, 2 bacon, 2 fried eggs, potato wedges, beans and toasted artisan sourdough & butter. 7/10

Presentation - Presentation is clearly very important at Giraffe, before the food had even arrived the sugar selection, sauces and cappuccino arrived at the table looking very impressive. When the plate of food arrived everything on the plate sat smuggly knowing it couldn't have been better placed, except the sausage maybe, it looked great and didn't need to hide under the bacon. 9/10

The food - A very delicious pork sausage and equally good bacon both cooked just right. A pair of perfect fried eggs that released their nice runny yolk all over the crisp golden toasted sourdough. I am not usually a huge fan of potato products with breakfast but hey this was brunch and the crisp and golden potato wedges did go really nicely dipped into the rich and delicious sea of Heinz baked beans. A truly enjoyable meal! 9/10

Value for money - The Full Brunch cost £8.25, add a cappuccino for £3.05 and not forgetting the 10% service charge and the whole experience cost me £12.45. This is a lot of money to be spending on breakfast but it was really delicious and I was in a restaurant this time, not a cafe. 6/10

Veggie option - Veggie Brunch - £7.95
Free range fried, poached or scrambled eggs, veggie sausages, Heinz baked beans, mushrooms and avocado with toasted artisan sourdough.

Overall - A great experience and although key items that I enjoy such as black pudding, mushrooms and tomatoes were not included it was never claiming to be a Full English. The restaurant interior and service were fantastic, the presentation and attention to detail on everything bought to the table was just incredible. I have visited quite a few restaurant chains on my search and Giraffe has to be the most impressive so far. Not the cheapest breakfast option out there but well worth trying so be sure to give it a look. 8/10

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