Saturday 15 October 2011

Frank's Bar - Norwich

19 Bedford Street

Full english breakfast served on Sunday only between 10am - 6pm

Quality free range ingredients, herby baked beans and the ketchup is homemade.

I have attempted breakfast at Frank's Bar a number of times but due to its popularity I had never managed to get a table there before. Although they serve breakfast each day between 10.30 and 12.30 it is only on a Sunday that the full english is served, late risers will be relieved to hear it is served till 6pm! On a recent visit I managed to find a free table upstairs so finally I was going to get to try out Frank's full english breakfast... Before I start though I must mention due to my phone freezing during an update I managed to lose all but 1 off my unsaved photos that I took, I was going to revisit and take the photos again but I have decided to write about my experience whilst still fresh in my mind and add more photos later. There are however more photos on their website here and you can view the Sunday breakfast menu here.

Upon entering - As soon as you walk in there is a counter to your right but don't worry too much about that, just go find a free table. You can sit in the main room or if you prefer there is another room out the back. Each table has a menu so choose what you want and somebody will come along to take your order, everything you need will be brought over to your table. The interior is quirky and random with odd lampshades and chairs, there is a fantastic beamed ceiling and books sit on the window ledges. 9/10

Service - The staff here are helpful and friendly ensuring everything you need is bought over to the table. 8/10

Contents - 1 Sausage, 1 bacon, black pudding (all free range), roasted tomato & mushroom stack, saute potatoes, herby baked beans, fried or scrambled egg and toast & butter. You also get to try the homemade ketchup. 8/10

Presentation - It looked fantastic when it arrived, everything sat neatly around the bowl in the centre containing the herby beans. I am not really fussed about having my beans in a bowl but I know some people will love it. Another small bowl arrived with butter for the toast and the homemade ketchup was served in a glass bottle with swing top cap, nice touch! 8/10

The food - The sausage was juicy, tasty and great quality as was the bacon. The black pudding was top quality and had a great texture but was a very small piece. Delicious sautéed potatoes, fluffy inside and crunchy on the outside. The fried egg was pretty much spot on with a nice runny yolk and went nicely with the toast covered in real butter. Both the tomato and mushroom were delicious but there was very little of each. The beans had herbs added which worked ok but to be honest I prefer them as they come. I loved the idea of homemade ketchup but for me it was not tangy enough. 8/10

Value for money - Great quality ingredients are used but small portions of each and by the time you add a hot drink to the breakfast you won't see much change out of £10. 7/10

Veggie option - Yes, veggies are well looked after here.

Overall - Frank's Bar is very popular and it can be difficult to get a table but if you do then you are in for a treat. There are some unusual features to the full english breakfast like herby beans and homemade ketchup which I'm sure most people will love but I must say were wasted on me. The environment is fantastic, the staff are friendly, quality ingredients are used and you can get breakfast there on Sunday till 6pm! 8/10


  1. The veggie option is excellent. They have vegetarian black pudding and haloumi, tasty! I love the home-made ketchup though. Wonder if they sell bottles of it?

  2. My co-pilot on the mission had the veggie breakfast and I tried some of the veggie black pudding and it was well nice!

  3. A firm favourite. I prefer the scrambled eggs to fried [you should try!] and they kindly swapped my black pudding for halloumi even though I had the meat option. Also love the film choices in the back room on a Sunday. Patti Smith in March!

  4. I am quite partial to scrambled egg so will try that next time, thanks Milly!

  5. I got told off for kissing my girlfriend here over breakfast. I felt really upset. I am a young, professional woman and this completely ruined my relationship with Franks bar. I have not returned since.
    I know that it's not exactly fried-breakfast related, but same-sex couples should be aware of the intolerance here.

  6. Will not be using franks if they are unaware of basic equality legislation.