Saturday 22 October 2011

The Breakfast Club - London

12-16 Artillery Lane
E1 7LS

Brunch served from 9am till 5pm everyday

It took me a long time to find and it doesn't really stand out much.

I had a feeling I had finally found it when I came across this sign though.

The full menu can be viewed here.

Enter here and wait to be seated.

There are big tables if you are in a larger group.

By the window are smaller booths.

The toilets are themed, boys..

And girls.

Top brand sauces.

Great cup and the coffee (£2.50) was spot on.

I went for the full monty for £9.20

It looked really good but was it worth £9.20?

As soon as I arrived in London I decided to head straight to The Breakfast Club in Spitalfields. I must say it was a complete nightmare to find and it didn't seem to be where google maps was saying it should be. It turned out I had walked past it twice but lack of signage didn't help the situation, eventually the "Bacon's for life, not just for breakfast" sign outside convinced me I was in the right place so in I went..

Upon entering - The first thing you notice as you walk in is how quirky the place is, there are fairy lights, neon signs, toys on shelves and if you want to get to the bar downstairs you will need to walk through the Smeg fridge to get there! There are a few large tables and some small tables to sit at but mainly metal framed booths by the window. The waiting staff will find you an empty table and give you a menu, once you have placed your order everything is bought to your table. 9/10

Service - You will be well looked after here by the friendly and efficient staff. Despite it being busy when I was there the food arrived in good time. 8/10

Contents - The full Monty consisted of.. 1 sausage, 2 bacon, 1 slice of black pudding, 2 fried eggs (you can have poached or scrambled if you prefer) a mound of hash brown, 1 large mushroom, half a grilled, beans and a slice of toast. 8/10

Presentation - It looked fantastic and full of colour when it arrived. 8/10

The food - A great tasting quality sausage and delicious bacon. Fairly standard black pudding with a good texture and 2 nicely fried eggs. The hash brown was homemade and the best I have come across so far and tasted amazing. Some nice stodgy beans a mouthwatering mushroom and a bright red tomato full of flavour. Everything was a real pleasure to eat but not sure why no butter was served with the toast? 8/10

Value for money - At £9.20 it was not cheap but the quality shone through and it is in the City of London. 7/10

Veggie option - Yes, Reggie the veggie for £8.70

Overall - Expensive but I felt it was well worth a visit not just because of the great food but to experience the great interior, it looks amazing and is a great environment to spend time in. Without a doubt the best hash brown I have ever eaten is served here and the service is great too. 8/10


  1. Quirky indeed. Did you see the big smeg fridge? That is a secret door that opens to a cocktail bar below called "The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town".

    1. I did see it but didn't realise what was behind it, excellent!

  2. Tried the Breakfast Club in Battersea a while back and very unimpressed. Overpiced, over hyped, miserable staff. Rosie

  3. Went recently with a (now ex) boyfriend (it wasn’t the breakfast)- he had the full monty, I had reggie the veggie, I out ate him. Safe to say if you ever needed a female sidekick for breakfast missions, I would be it. I’ve been in secret training for years now… I might even be a challenger.