Thursday, 16 December 2010

- Special feature - Breakfast in Paris

I love December, not so much for Christmas but our annual visit to another city, this year was the turn of Paris. I didn't think there was much of a chance of finding a decent fry up but did come across some delicious alternatives and great places to eat.

The cheapest (approx 4 euros) and fairly common breakfast eaten by Parisians, pain au chocolat and a coffee.

On the second morning we discovered a fixed price breakfast consisting of omelette, pain au chocolat, a whole hot baguette, butter & jam and coffee for around 8 euros, bloody nice it was too!


Breakfast in America

This place was just round the corner from our hotel, we couldn't resist trying it out.

Although fairly empty when we visited on over occasions the place was rammed and people were literally queuing outside for a free table.

The place had a great 50's feel to it and really felt like stepping back in time.

You could doodle on the placemats, some were displayed on the walls.

We were so lucky to pop in when we did as seeing it this empty was a rare sight.

Our booth had a toaster in it so you could pop the toast in whenever you were ready.

The coffee was so strong it left you buzzing for ages and you could have unlimited re-fills.

The service was excellent and the food was really good. 2 really nice sunny side up fried eggs, skinny but tasty sausages and juicy grilled tomatoes. The fried potatoes were very garlicy and although nice a bit overpowering first thing in the morning. The cooked breakfast, toast & unlimited coffee cost around 9 euros.


HD Diner

As soon as we saw this place we just had to go in.

The blue and pink theme continued throughout the diner.

This place was spotless and it looked amazing.

Tabasco heaven if you like the stuff.

Incredibly nice freshly squeezed orange juice.

Good cappuccino that came with an HD Diner biscuit.

Ok so the place looked great but to be honest the food was a big let down. Very thin bacon that tasted of very little, rather dry scrambled eggs, a muffin and some gherkins. This with orange juice and coffee came to about 10 euros. If as much attention to detail had gone into the breakfast as it had the look of the diner then I would have left a very happy customer. The coffee and orange juice were really good though.

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