Friday, 17 December 2010

Munchy's - Norwich

**Now Closed**

Queens Road

Munchy's is located on Queens Road by St Stephens roundabout.

As much effort went into the sign as it had the food.

As you enter order your food at the counter on the left, better still leave and go eat somewhere else.

The seats are comfortable but the tables are much too high so you will feel like you have shrunk.

The coffee and biscuit were nice

The toast was ok.

The cooked breakfast was bad, very bad!

The egg was the root to all evil and underneath those lukewarm beans was where the sea of egg snot lurked.

It is a freezing cold Friday morning and the city is going to be rammed with Christmas shoppers but im in the mood for a fry up, not a cafe bar fry up but something more greasy spoon like. I walked past "Moonlight Cafe" on Magdalen Street but again couldn't quite bring myself to go in. The Slug & lettuce was never gonna do fried bread so I decided to try Munchy's on Queens Road...

Upon entering - The place is a fair size with plenty of tables and a counter on the left. Everything seemed clean but I had an immediate feeling I had made a bad choice but decided to persevere anyway. I dithered at the table wondering if somebody would come and take my order, nobody did so I headed to the counter. 5/10

Service - When I ordered I was given a tray with cutlery and a mug of coffee by the lady at the counter. I took a seat before realising there was no ketchup and sat down again. Oh bugger.. No sugar on the table, up to the counter and back again. The toast arrived shortly after that followed by the fry up. 4/10

Contents - 2 sausages, 3 bacon, 1 fried egg, grilled tomato, mushrooms, beans, french fries, toast & butter, coffee and a biscuit. 7/10

Presentation - As soon as it arrived the lack of quality was evident, the person who had cooked it clearly couldn't give a shit and couldn't even fry an egg. 4/10

The food - Luke warm mega economy sausages that tasted a bit like chewing on foam were moored up at the edge of the massive ocean of slightly warm beans, these covered the secret weapon that was going to destroy everything, the egg. The egg was completely uncooked and snotty on top, the snotty mess seemed to leak everywhere. The bacon was undercooked and dripping with old cooking oil. The mushrooms were so deep in their own oil the only saving grace was that the raw egg white couldn't get a look in. Average tomato slices and cold french fries finished off this nightmare on a plate. 2/10

Value for money - I wasted £6 1/10

Veggie option - It clearly states on the sign outside "We cater for vegetarians and children"

Overall - The place looks reasonable from outside and is clean inside. The staff seem fairly friendly and it is in a prime location near the bus station. Why the hell they are serving such dire food is beyond me!? Im sure that most establishments have pride in what they are serving the customer. The person who cooked that unforgivable fried egg must have decided it was ok when it was plopped onto the plate. I have said it before and I will say it again, cheap ingredients and terrible fried eggs are never going to please customers or make a cafe stand out from the crowd. By far my worst experience so far. The biscuit was nice though! 4/10


  1. Your reviews get better and better...x

  2. I regularly est at munchys and this is utter non-sence, Munchys is great value for money and service second to none, the food is great too.

  3. Either you work there or someone else has taken it over then!!

  4. does anyone have the phone number for them?

  5. Just looked and can't seem to find it, sorry.

  6. 01603 612131. Don't bother to ring and reserve - the pigeons eat better quality food off the floor of the market.

  7. OMG, I should have read this before we went there! Dunk ordered the big breakfast and I ordered the veggie breakfast. For a start they brought the toast to us a good 10 mins before they brought dunk his 'food'. It was pretty much the same as the photo you have on here. Hash browns had been replaced by rank skinny chips, egg was swimming in watery, cold beans. I sat and waited and waited for mine. I wish I had timed how long it took. Dunk had pretty much finished his when mine came.

    The veggie breakfast was such a joke that I actually took it back and got my money refunded! There were missing items that had been replaced with onion rings (!) and roasted, greasy peppers (!!!!!) I took it back and said this is not what I asked for. She tried to stiff me on the refund by handing me 4 quid when the 'breakfast' had cost £4.50. I got her to cough up the extra 50p and we left.


  8. Yep, one of the worst in Norwich! Thanks for the feedback, one to avoid!!

  9. Before they closed I was able to get a secret camera into their kitchen. Here is the footage.

  10. Excellent!!!! Thanks for sharing the link!

  11. Is there anything worse than egg snot? The work of the Devil.