Monday, 30 August 2010

Rose Marie Guest House - Peterborough

14 Eastfield Road

The table had everything you could possibly need in a breakfast situation close to hand.

Orange juice, perfect for the dreaded hangover and there was a whole big jug available too, slurp. A selection of newspapers were available for guests to read whilst they waited, I only got a few pages in before my food arrived.

The owner clearly cares about his guests and the plate that arrives makes that very clear.

August bank holidays are often a bit of a let down, not much going on and it always ends up raining. This year things were different though, The Meteors were doing 3 UK shows over the bank holiday weekend. I decided to go to the Friday night show in Peterborough, initially I thought about driving and sleeping in the van but ended up booking train tickets and searching for a B&B. In the past I had stayed at Lindens Guest House which had turned out to be a bad idea. A quick search online and I discovered the Marie Rose Guest house, a single room and full Irish breakfast for £25. When I arrived the owner was welcoming and the accommodation was clean. The room had an en-suite bathroom, fridge, microwave, tv, plates & cutlery and enough tea making supplies to last you a couple of weeks. After an excellent Meteors show I woke feeling quite hungover and not particularly hungry but the best way to kill a hangover is a fry-up and plenty of orange juice, so I headed downstairs for breakfast..

Upon entering - The breakfast room is small but nice, everything you could ever need at breakfast sits on the tables or the window ledge. 7/10

Service - The way things are layed out make it clear you can help yourself to anything you want. The owner takes your order if you want a cooked breakfast, offers you newspapers, brings you hot toast and finally returns with the cooked breakfast. 8/10

Content - A selection of cereals, toast, tea, coffee and orange juice. The cooked breakfast contained: 2 sausages, 3 bacon, black pudding, 2 fried eggs, mushrooms, beans & tinned tomatoes. 8/10

Presentation - A lot of food to fit onto the plate but everything sat side by side quite nicely. 7/10

The food - The sausages appeared overcooked but did taste nice as did the bacon, fairly standard black pudding, fried eggs with slightly runny yolks, lots of beans and tinned tomatoes, the mushrooms were well nice. 7/10

Value for money - £25 for a well equipped room for the night and masses of food. Many establishments cut corners but this place didn't, good for them! 9/10

Veggie option - Not sure if there was veggie alternatives to the meat but you wouldn't have left hungry.

Overall - Its so easy to cut corners and so many people unfortunately do to save a few quid. The owner of the Marie Rose cared about his guests and this showed in so many places. I would recommend this place to anyone visiting Peterborough and I would happily return again some day. 7/10


  1. I have too stayed here and the service is fabulous! The owner could not have been more friendly and there were masses of food!

  2. I stayed there last year with some of my family, we came for a wedding in the area. I have to say the accomodatin was really good, clean and comfortable, the fry up in the morning was second to none and yes I agree I would recommend it no doubt...nice Irish memoraboloa on the walls too.makes you feel at home

  3. I’ve never stayed there but the owner has. I also have not had the cooked breakfast but I know I wouldn’t like the mushrooms because I don’t like mushrooms. Otherwise, I think I’d agree with your review unless I stayed there and found I had a different opinion.