Sunday 18 July 2010

***Special Feature***

A look at breakfast @ Hotel Aqua Promenade - Pineda De Mar, Spain

Every June thousands of Psychobilly's descend on Pineda De Mar (near Barcelona) in Spain for the annual Psychobilly meeting, 7 days of bands, beer & hangovers in the sun! Unlike other festivals the only tent you will see is the venue, a massive tent on the beach where the main part of the festival takes place. Im not sure if it is getting older that makes me cringe at the thought of sleeping in a tent but the thought of no space, bugger all security and sleepless night does not appeal to me at all. This festival is all about staying in a hotel and that is most likely why I have returned seven years in a row and will keep returning. As well as the luxury of a spacious air conditioned room with balcony overlooking the sea there is the added bonus of trying to kill the hangover with the hotel breakfast.

The Aqua Promanade provides a breakfast, a very varied breakfast... to be honest the breakfast is a tad strange!
I never particularly enjoy it but felt the need to get up and try it again the next day in the hope I can create the perfect mix of foods on offer. I have never managed this yet but still live in the hope that one day I will! Some bits of it are nice but one bite into something a bit grim can ruin the whole dish. I am not going to review this breakfast, this is just a look at what was on offer at the Aqua Promanade.

Very dry sponge cake with sugary fruit on top, a boiled egg and a choritzo sausage. Make a salami, cheese & tomato roll, wrap it up and pop it in your bag for lunch.

It is best to have a glass of chocolate milk ready before you took a bite of the dry sponge cake.

Biscuits and an oat cake type muffin

A good selection of breads

Plenty of rolls if you wanted them

Ella prepares a salami roll

The salami was quite nice

The flavored milks were not so nice but chocolate and strawberry were ok, just avoid the tutti fruity!

There was a hot selection on offer each day that varied slightly each day

On the first morning I ruined my breakfast by putting cod flavoured potato balls on it, they did not taste nice and the flavour stayed in my mouth for a long time. I did scrape some pate on the side of my plate which for some reason seemed to work a treat, pate was added to my breakfast each morning after that.

Ella went for the healthier option which is possibly the direction I should have taken

This was a better selection, this mornings special was chicken nuggets

Good hash browns that only ever appeared on one morning. What was I thinking by putting cod balls on my plate again? Probably still drunk!

Not cod balls this time but tiny fried potato balls, the grey sausages were a bit odd though.

Deep fried piped mashed potato and raw black pudding


  1. churros?! the eggs look very strange. I also find it quite disturbing that you choose to drink strawberry milk with a large fry-up. grease, eggs, baked beans, bacon.... strawberry? brrrr!!

    absolutely hilarious. next time you can come over to the nostre mar to sample our kitchenette/self made breakfast! we had some queer combinations some mornings ourselves!


  2. Hi, just wonder if there is sparkling wine for breakfast without extra charge?

  3. Yes, cava is available free of charge most mornings.