Tuesday 20 July 2010

Bond Street Cafe - Norwich (with update)

Bond Street

Limited parking spaces outside

The cafe is on the corner of Bond Street and Bowthorpe Road.

There are plenty of menus inside to help you choose

There are 3 fry-ups on offer and they are great value for money

Fried breakfast themed artwork adorns the walls

Condiments are nestled neatly on the table waiting patiently to be used

The bumper breakfast was huge and it included toast & marmalade and a mug of tea or coffee

A good strong mug of tea

The toast was nice and hot when it arrived and was ready buttered and supplied with marmalade

Everything was cooked nicely, tasted delicious and was presented really well.

Everyone seemed to be really enjoying their food, me included!

Let me get this out of my system first then I can concentrate on the review. The Bond Street Cafe in Norwich is bloody amazing, so do yourself a favour, go there and try it for yourself, you will not be disappointed!

Upon entering - The counter is located at the rear of the cafe. By the time you arrive at the counter you most likely would have decided what to order due to the clear menus displayed on the walls alongside some kitsch but strangely appealing breakfast artwork . The place has a good feel to it. I was on my own but felt quite comfortable being there secretly taking my photos whenever nobody was looking! There are plenty of tables, many are by the windows so you can watch the world go by as you eat. 9/10

Service - You are greeted by a smile and served by people who genuinely seem to enjoy their job. You grab some cutlery take your tea to the table and before long the toast arrives followed by the fry-up. 9/10

Contents - 1 jumbo sausage, 2 bacon, black pudding, 2 fried eggs, fried potatoes, 1 hash brown, fried bread, beans, grilled tomato, mushrooms, bread & butter, buttered toast & marmalade and a mug of tea or coffee. 9/10

Presentation - Served by somebody who takes pride in their work. 9/10

The food - The sausage was quite standard but tasted nice and went well with everything on the plate, good tasty bacon, delicious black pudding, perfectly cooked fried eggs, crispy fried potatoes, nice crunchy hash brown and perfect fried bread. The beans had been cooking for a while which I really like, the tomato actually tasted of tomato which is a rare find these days and the mushrooms were well nice. The toast was ready buttered and hot when it arrived, I did my usual and made a bacon toasty. The tea was good, nice and strong how it should be and piping hot. Everything went together really well and I managed to finish everything apart from the marmalade. 9/10

Value for money - A lot of good food for your money and a number of cheaper options if you are feeling a bit skint. It was quite a rarity to have bread & butter, toast & fried bread. 9/10

Veggie option - For every meat option on the menu there was a veggie alternative.

Overall - I had heard good things about this place and my only regret is that I didn't visit sooner! Friendly staff, good service and great affordable food ensure you won't be disappointed! 9/10


I returned again today (25th March 2011) and was again well impressed. Really friendly staff still serving a great fry up with loads of items on the plate. £5.20 is still a fantastic price for such a huge amount of delicious food and a hot drink.


  1. Went to Bond Street Cafe this morning and it was indeed fantastic!

    Do you have a twitter account? I've been pointing people to your blog on there.

  2. Glad you enjoyed Bond Street Cafe, a great fry up to be had there.

    I am @Fryup_Inspector on Twitter, feel free to spread the word on my blog, thanks!

  3. New Twitter Profile For Bond Street Cafe NOW LIVE

  4. loved it to !!!!!!!

  5. this is a good one. I really enjoy going here.

    great site btw

  6. Our closest cafe, and a firm favourite!

  7. we just love it there.

  8. have been visiting Bond Street cafe for years, always great and worth a visit for lunch too, cottage pie is always fantastic

  9. Bond Street Cafe is fantastic and the lovely staff are brilliant with kids too. The best cafe in Norwich for lunch or breakfast. It is not just the cottage pie that is great - so are the roast lunches, lasagne, etc. - all about £4. Just wish they did real coffee and opened on Sundays!

  10. Bond Street or Birchy's that is the question....

  11. I love them both but Birchy's clinches it for me for the better quality sausage. Both excellent cafe's serving great breakfasts!

  12. Visited the Bond Street Café for the first time last week and have to say it was brilliant. The GLW and I had an All Day with extra black pudding and a Buster between us. With respective mugs of tea and decaf coffee it came to a grand total of £9.10. The food was faultless, the service cheerful and friendly, and the value superb.
    We'll definitely go again and only wish we had visited sooner!

  13. On 13th July following your recommendation me and a friend thought we'd give this place a go. We were embarking on an all day pub crawl, starting at the Fat Cat, so needed a good ' liner '.

    Must say it was great. Friendly service, tons of well cooked food and great value for money.

    Thought I would tell the owner about your visits so gave them a copy of your write-up. The lady seemed very pleased to know how pleased you were - as we were - so be prepared for an extra special plateful next time you visit.

    ( Oh, hang on, you can't as that wouldn't be anonymous. I'd best have it instead !! )

    1. I did post them a "Fry Up Inspector recommended" sticker a few months back so assumed they must have then looked at the website, maybe not though? Anyway, cheers for the update and glad you enjoyed it!

  14. great place loved it!!

  15. Best place for a uea student breakfast!

  16. Best cafe in Norwich probably in Norfolk; friendly staff, decent quality of ingredients and great portions. Prices fantastic as well; a must visit cafe when going to Norwich

  17. pucker café, Gone downhill. Gobby teenage Saturday boy virtually chucked my brekkie at me. blond, spotty kid. Avoid Saturdays if you like manners