Thursday, 17 June 2010

Denmark Cafe - Norwich

(2018 review can be found here)

Denmark Cafe
162 Sprowston Road

I had heard good things about the Denmark Cafe so decided to give it a look.

There are about 8 parking spaces behind the cafe

There was a good selection of condiments huddled together neatly.

The place was clean and tidy.

A good mug of tea is just 60p!

The £5.25 fry-up was was huge and nicely presented.

Upon entering - The counter is at the back of the shop and has a large menu beside it on the wall so no confusion about what to order. The tables have all the condiments you should need neatly huddled together. The man behind the counter is really friendly and seemed to be well up for chatting about the weather and football. 7/10

Service - You're told to take a seat and it will be bought over, the food arrives fairly quickly. 8/10

Contents - 2 sausage, 2 bacon, 2 eggs, fried potato slices, beans, tinned tomatoes, mushrooms & toast. 7/10

Presentation - It certainly looks the part when it arrives and the eggs already on the toast I liked a lot. 8/10

The food - The sausages were not great, standard bacon, crispy potato slices, lovely fried eggs cooked how i like them, standard beans, slightly overcooked tinned tomatoes, standard mushrooms and toast. 7/10

Value for money - You do get a lot of food for your money but everything that passes your lips is quite standard. 8/10

Veggie option - yes

Overall - The place is clean, the staff are friendly and the portions are generous. The food is nice but nothing on the plate stands out as being particularly special, some fried bread or black pudding may have livened things up a bit. But well worth a visit if you are passing and just fancy a down to earth fry-up to kill your hangover. 7.5/10


  1. Hi stumbled upon the Denmark cafe by chance after moving to the area, after chatting to the guy on the till I found out that his wife brought the cafe 2 years ago, the cafe was lovely and clean with plenty of condiments on the table, I had the veggie breakfast (£4.60) which consisted of 2 good quality veggie sausages, a large serving of saute potatoes, 2 eggs served on lovely hot buttered toast that were perfectly cooked, mushrooms and a good quality baked bean.........yummy, my hubby opted for the Big breakfast (£5.40)......and I must say it was hugh, 2 large rasher of bacon, 2 quality sausages, a large serving of saute potatoes, 2 perfectly cooked eggs served on hot buttered toast, good quality beans and fresh grilled tomatoes (he had the choice of fresh or tinned). While waiting for our meals we had hot drinks brought to our table (70p for tea and 80p for a Dowe Egbert coffee, not paid that price for a hot cuppa for a few years now!) we even had daily newspapers to glance through. Our meals were served to us by the owner a lovely friendly lady about 5 minutes later, I have got to say they were fab, very hot, well presented and extremely tasty.
    I can definately say we were made to feel at home and will be making regular visits, as I want to try out the Specials menu.....Homemade puds, steak pies, braised steak all served with fresh veg........uummmm can't wait. WELL DONE all at The Denmark Cafe.........See you again real soon. Joan and Paul

  2. I have visited the Denmark café over many years and the current owners are excellent. Their food is always fresh and beautifully presented and the helpings very generous. I have their Big Breakfast and particularly like the sauté potatoes - lovely and delicious, so much nicer than hash browns. The place is lovely and clean and the atmosphere cheerful. Shame it is quite so small- as a big chap, fitting into the restricted chair space can be a bit of a squeeze but it's well worth the effort! I think the original reviewer has been a little mean with the marks - Denmark deserve a definite 9/10 - they never disapoint.

  3. The Denmark Cafe is under new management. You should really come back and have another look.

  4. Thanks for informing me of the change of management, I will return and give it a look.

  5. Having use the Denmark for a number of years I have to say that it is a consistently good experience. Yes the bangers are not high quality sausages but the rest of the food and service more than make up for this. Personally I am not keen on tinned tomatoes but this is not a problem as they will fry up some real toms in place.

    This is a good value cafe that does not have ambitions to be a fine dining experience but it does what it does very well. Always clean and the staff are friendly and remember their returning customers knowing the nuances of our various Tea demands.

    I think the review is a little bit harsh and would mark it higher myself, particularly in terms of consistency as I have never had a bad brekkie there.

    They even got me some bottles of banana milk shake syrup from the cash and carry as you cannot get this in many supermarkets; how is that for service.

    1. With a minimum score of 7/10 I don't think I am being harsh on it. I keep meaning to revisit which I hope to do soon.