Monday, 20 April 2020

Gran Canaria Adventure - Day 9

Las Palmas

When we opened the front door this morning Lucy had returned again! She was just in time as we were heading back to Las Palmas today. 

We gave her some tuna and she jumped into Ella's suitcase. It was so nice to see her one last time before leaving, such a beautiful cat!

We wheeled our cases down to the petrol station and handed the Airbnb keys in at the counter. Our stay in Fataga had been wonderful but now it was time to head back to Las Palmas where we would spend our final night. We grabbed a coffee and sandwich for breakfast and made our way to the bus stop.

Just before the bus arrived Tony from Fataga Grill walked past with his dog. It was good to be able to say goodbye and thank him for his kind welcome and great food.

We caught the bus to Maspalomas and from there caught a bus to Las Palmas. First we dropped off our cases at Casa di Stella, a delightful property with a wonderful host which cost us just £27 for a one night stay.

With check in complete we wandered around in search of somewhere to eat some lunch.

Everywhere was so busy but we eventually found a table at a Gluten Free restaurant. Ella ordered a salad and I ordered some calamari.

Great calamari served with fried potatoes and salad.

After lunch we strolled around the streets of Las Palmas. We didn't really have a plan in place, we were just spending our final day here so we were closer to the airport in the morning.

I forget the flavour but remember thinking I'd have one last ice cream in February before returning to Winter back in the UK.

Whilst walking around Las Palmas it's always worth remembering to look up, there's some beautiful buildings to be seen.

Particularly along Calle Francisco Gourie.

My wife went to look in an art gallery whilst I took in the sights of the Cathedral. 

We met up again and continued walking the streets until sunset when we finally stopped for something to eat.

We shared this delicious Caprese salad and moped up the pesto with some warm bread.

Then we shared some mushroom croquettes with a beer. Our time here had almost come to an end so we walked back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.

The following morning..

We got to the airport in good time for our flight as bus access from Las Palmas to the airport was easy and frequent. The rooftop terrace in the departure lounge was a nice surprise. I had a final beer and the opportunity to vape before boarding the flight. Our time here had been wonderful and I'd highly recommend Gran Canaria, especially during the winter months when you can experience some glorious sunshine and longer days. I think we got particularly lucky though as temperatures during our time here were slightly higher than usual. We also got lucky by avoiding the distruption of Storm Ciara and later in February the dust storm "Calima". This was never intended to be a trip I was going to write about, just a relaxing holiday in the sun. With much of the world currently in lockdown though due to the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, it suddenly seemed important to remember this trip. After all, who knows if and when holidays will ever be the same again?


  1. Thanks again for posting this. Lockdown has been a struggle for so many people (for so many reasons) and it's difficult to go online to read anything not Cornoavirus related! Not sure how travel (or anything) will ever be the same again but here's hoping the nightmare will be over soon.

  2. Great to read your travel stories again and good to see the pictures of the puddy cats.

    Stay the both of you and everyone else who reads this site, keep your distance people and we will get through this.

    It is good in some ways that people are being friendly to each other, families are spending time with each others and total strangers are stopping and talking to each other.

    I do miss your posts about the your breakfast reviews, baked beans and tomatoes, NO!

    If you are ever in Devon and need a bike, then give me a shout.

    All the best,


  3. Thanks for sharing your holiday with us. Love your breakfast reviews and as i have family in Norwich i will do my best to visit some of your top recommendations when next in the area. Keep safe and keep up the reviews!

  4. Been great to read one of these reviews again - let's hope it's not too long until things take a turn for the better and you are able to go on your travels once again. Stay safe both of you, and indeed all followers of this blog.

  5. Hi. Really enjoyed that. A nice relief from the doom and gloom. Spent a week in Mogan in 2013, I think, and it was great to see those photos. Brought back a few memories. I have enjoyed your blog in general over the past few years. Who knew you could eat yourself to death in Norwich. Only been once, stayed in the hotel attached to the football ground and went for a curry on the street with the field hospital and all the fights. I hope you will continue with it. All the best.