Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Punk Rock Holiday - Day 10

Farewell Ljubljana

By 10am we'd checked out of our hotel and gone in search of breakfast. Nothing much was open yet though so we settled for toasted sandwiches and a coffee. 

I know I'd just eaten breakfast but I'd suddenly remembered a sausage shop not far from here claiming to serve the best sausage in town.

Found it! The Carniolian sausage served at Klobasarna was incredible and cost just €3.50 for half a sausage served with a bun, horseradish and mustard. 

We walked one last time across the river and headed North towards the Ethnographic Museum.

On the way there we took in every detail of Ljubljana, it had been an amazing city to visit!

At the Ethnographic Museum there were a number of exhibitions to look at including one on the history of beekeeping.

I didn't realise beehives could be so ornate!

Another exhibition focused on Slovenian tradition. This was worn by Kurenti who were believed to have driven away winter and invited spring wearing this.

Before we knew it the morning had disappeared and it was time to check in for our flight home. I often find airport food a bit disappointing but at Ljubljana airport I was quite impressed. Just €10.50 bought me a giant hot dog and a slice of pizza. Our time here had come to an end but what an incredible holiday it had been!


  1. Does anybody really care?

    1. About what? This is my personal diary of my trips abroad so for me it's quite important. If you don't enjoy it I really don't care in the slightest.