Tuesday 5 September 2017

Breakers - Cromer

28 Garden Street
NR27 9HN

Breakfast served
Daily from 8.30am
Closing times depends on season

A spontaneous trip to Cromer seemed like an ideal opportunity to stop for breakfast somewhere.

A few people on my facebook page had recommended Breakers in the past so we decided to try it for ourselves.

The cakes were quite tempting but it was the full English I was here for.

Breakers has a fairly large seating area as well as tables outside.

Seaside themed artwork covers the walls.

The breakfast menu is served all day and offers many options from the traditional breakfast to the breakfast pie. I wanted to try as many items as possible so ordered the belly breaker breakfast.

The vegetarian breakfast menu offers a varied choice too. The standard vegetarian breakfast is ideal for vegans as it doesn't come with an egg, my wife ordered that.

Once you've ordered and paid at the counter remember to help yourself to condiments, napkins and cutlery. These can be found on some shelves next to the cold drinks fridge.

A can of drink cost £1.10 and sauces come in sachets.

You are given the option of toast, fried bread or bread and butter. I chose fried bread which arrived before the breakfast on a side plate. It was a pretty good fried bread but a bit too oily for my liking.

This is how the belly breaker breakfast arrived, it costs £10.50. 

I rearranged a few items and added the fried bread to the plate to show what the breakfast consists of.

One sausage on such a huge breakfast seemed odd.

It was a pretty decent banger, although definitely deep fried. 

The black pudding was a nice enough slice and the bacon was reasonable.

Although you only get one sausage on this breakfast it does include 2 huge slabs of sausage meat burger.

The well hidden eggs were pretty poor.

Yolk disappointment soon set in.

The deep fried mushrooms were so greasy!

A pair of average hash browns, deep fried.

I was delighted when I spotted tinned tomatoes, I love them.

Underneath everything else was a layer of beans and grease.

I managed to finish it and struggled to walk afterwards!

 The vegetarian breakfast cost £4.85, you can add an egg for 80p and a Quorn sausage for £1 if you like. 

With summer coming to an end my wife and I decided to head to the coast whilst the weather was still warm enough. We wanted to stop at Holt on the way so Cromer seemed like the best option as it was close by. We hadn't decided where to go for breakfast but I recalled a few recommendations people had mentioned on my facebook page. With this in mind we decided to see what we could find when we got there. Breakers was one of the first places we came across, it was close to the seafront and offered a vegan option for my wife so we headed inside...

Upon entering - Breakers is clearly popular as it was incredibly busy when we arrived. There's a large dining area inside and a couple of tables outside, the counter is located on the left as you walk in. The cafe is light and airy with nicely spaced out tables covered in red spotty table cloths, on the walls are displayed an assortment of seaside themed paintings. The ordering process here slightly confused me and may also confuse other first time customers. I didn't know whether to sit down and wait for somebody to take my order or head straight to the counter to place my order as it wasn't made obvious. First find a table and remember the table number, you may want a friend to sit at the table to avoid somebody else taking it whilst you're at the counter. Place your order and pay at the counter, collect drinks, cutlery and condiments from the counter area and return back to your table. The food is brought over when it's ready and you can make a hasty exit when you're ready to leave as you've already paid. Sauces, salt and pepper are served in sachets and if you order a cold drink you help yourself from the fridge. A typical seaside cafe and a reasonable enough place to enjoy a spot of breakfast but if you're visiting Breakers on your own I imagine securing a table being quite tricky. 5/10

Service - We placed our order and paid at the counter, my wife's drinks were given to her and I was told to help myself to a can from the fridge. Nobody mentioned cutlery or sauces, I sussed that out and helped myself. The food arrived at slightly different times but close enough to ensure we could eat together. Nobody asked if everything was ok but the young staff team seemed fairly efficient at taking orders and getting them to the tables. 5/10

Contents - 1 sausage, 2 sausage meat, 3 bacon, 1 black pudding, 2 fried eggs, 2 hash browns, mushrooms, beans, tinned tomatoes and 2 slices of fried bread. 8/10

Presentation - With so much on the plate it was difficult to see everything at once so I rearranged everything to capture it in a photo. The fried bread was served on a side plate and the meats covered much of everything else. With many items being deep fried it resulted in quite a lot of excess oil on the plate. The eggs were over cooked with solid yolks and everything else was average looking at best. 5/10

The food - The single sausage appeared to be of reasonable quality but having been deep fried it ended up being a bit dry, a shame as it seemed like it had some potential had it been pan fried. The black pudding was nice enough and the bacon was reasonable but really greasy, the sausage meat burgers were surprisingly tasty though. The fried eggs were over cooked with solid yolks, I ate them over the fried bread which was deep fried and crispy but holding far too much oil. The tinned tomatoes were rather nice, the mushrooms were really greasy and the hash browns and beans fairly standard. I managed to finish everything but can't say it was a particularly enjoyable experience, grease is the word here! 4/10

Value for money - There's no denying that the belly breaker breakfast consists of a lot of food, it will certainly fill you up for a long time and it's quite a challenge to finish it. When I spend £10.50 on a breakfast though I'd much prefer to see quality over quantity. 6/10

Veggie option - Yes, a varied vegetarian breakfast menu available.

Overall - A seaside cafe offering a vast breakfast menu but with many items being deep fried here it's quite a greasy affair. 5.5/10  

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  1. Not very impressed and deep fried sausages? Nah they lost me at that.