Friday, 4 August 2017

2017 Spanish Food Adventure - Day 10

Farewell Seville

With our cases packed and stored safely back at the hotel there was enough time to enjoy Seville for one last time before making our way to the airport. I was looking for something specific for my breakfast this morning and I found it at this small cafe in Santa Cruz.

I wanted to try some churros, I'd tried them at Boomtown Fair back in the UK but wanted to try them in Spain. My wife ordered some pan con tomate and a coffee.

I'd been told that some places don't cook churros fresh in Spain so was delighted when I saw the lady squeezing the dough pastry into the fryer.

In case you don't know, churros are a fried dough pastry served with chocolate. These churros were excellent, they came with a hot chocolate drink to dip them into. It's also possible to have them served with a thick chocolate sauce which is much nicer.

El Divino Salvador is a beautiful Roman Catholic church with an elaborate altar. With time to spare still we paid €3 to go inside.

The altar was so incredibly detailed!

With just an hour left before making our way to the airport we took in some street entertainment.

We watched this chap make great use of the sun and a magnified glass to create his artwork.

There was still time for one last ice cream, strawberry cheesecake flavour.

We took one last look at the stunning Metropol Parasol.

We were going to really miss Seville, it's a beautiful City with it's own unique charm.

Our time here had finally come to an end so we collected our cases and made our way to the airport. The airport bus costs just €4 and takes 35 minutes to get you there from the central bus station.

Airports can often have quite disappointing food on offer but Seville airport looked quite promising so we sat down to our final meal.

This gazpacho was really good and was served with ham and eggs as it often is in Seville. I washed it down with a can of Cruzcampo and lime.

The homemade pizza slices were huge and cost just €4.50.

With some euros left over we spent them on coffee and pastries.

This was really disappointing, hardly any chocolate inside mainly just air.

This was delicious though, the heart shaped pastry I'd eaten on day 8. I wondered if these were a Seville speciality as I'd seen them many times now.

With the luxury of priority boarding on our return flight my wife and I were able to sit together and take off from what had been an excellent adventure in Spain.

Coming soon...
The Japanese Food Adventure - Chapter 3

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