Monday 28 March 2016

Rockers Cafe at Krazy Horse - Bury St Edmunds

Lamdin Road
Bury St Edmunds
IP32 6NU

Breakfast served
Tuesday to Saturday - 9am till 3pm
Sunday - 10am till 3pm 

Parking available and free wifi

Rockers cafe can be found on the first floor of Krazy Horse in Bury St Edmunds.

You can get all day breakfasts here every day except for Monday when they're closed.

This really is a bikers heaven, the showroom downstairs has a vast selection of new and pre-owned bikes on display.

At the top of the stairs you'll spot a juke box.

In the far corner you will spot Rockers cafe.

There are plenty of tables and even a pinball machine.

We sat on the tables by the window.

If you fancy something to read whilst you wait there's plenty of magazines available.

The breakfast special seemed like a really good deal to me, my wife was delighted to see a vegetarian breakfast on the menu.

Menus and condiments are already on the table, quality sauces are always a welcome sight.

Free wifi is always a bonus, I got to upload my breakfast pic without using my own data.

Decent sized mugs and branded milk jugs, nice!

The breakfast was a good size and nicely presented.

A decent pair of eggs.

The beans were kept well away from the eggs here.

Nicely browned bacon.

Triple hash browns, black pudding and herby sausages.

My wife's vegetarian breakfast, she swapped the eggs for extra tomatoes.

I've been keen to try the Krazy Horse breakfast for a couple of years now but never seemed to find myself in Bury St Edmunds. When my wife said she needed to drop some supplies off to a shop in Bury I jumped at the chance to join her. We decided to have breakfast first so I guided her to Lamdin Road and we pulled up outside Krazy Horse...

Upon entering - Krazy Horse can be found on an industrial estate off Mildenhall Road just North of Bury town centre, parking spaces are available outside. You enter a large and beautifully laid out bike showroom, bikers may struggle to get past this point as there is so much to look at! Head upstairs and turn right at the jukebox to find Rockers Cafe, plenty of metal tables and chairs surround the impressive counter, there's even a pinball machine. Menus and condiments are on each table so once you've decided what you want just place your order and pay, food and drinks are brought over to you along with cutlery. I'm not really into bikes but I was still impressed with the vast amount of bikes, clothing and helmets available here. The cafe area is surrounded by clothing so you could always place your order and take a good look whilst you wait for the food to be cooked. If you prefer to stay seated you could always take a look at some of the magazines on the shelf by the window. Bikes being revved in the workshop below I thought really added to the feel of the place, my wife was mildly irritated by this though! Krazy Horse have certainly created a well laid out and impressive looking cafe, the breakfast menu is straightfoward and available all day. 8/10

Service - As we reached the top of the stairs we were greeted with a smile by a member of staff. We weren't too sure if our order would be taken at the table or not so we decided to head over to the counter where our order was taken and we paid. My wife didn't want any eggs on her breakfast, she was offered extras of something else instead, she chose tomatoes. The staff seemed on the ball and friendly, we asked for a wifi code and it was brought to the table. The drinks arrived first with a small jug of milk, the food arrived shortly after that and in an impressive amount of time. 7/10

Contents - 2 sausages, 2 bacon, black pudding, 3 hash browns, 2 fried eggs, mushrooms, beans, tomato, 1 slice of toast served with butter and a hot drink. 9/10

Presentation - Nicely presented on a large oval plate, very neatly positioned hash browns and impressive eggs. The butter sachet was looking a bit out of place over the egg though. 7/10

The food - Quite nice herby sausages and really nicely browned bacon, the black pudding was a standard slice. The fried eggs were really impressive, both with nice runny yolks, I ate them on top of the buttered toast. The hash browns were crispy and the sauteed mushrooms delicious. The tomato had a good flavour and the beans were nice and hot. A nicely cooked breakfast, I really enjoyed it. 8/10

Value for money - The breakfast special cost £7.95, an excellent price for this decent sized breakfast that included toast and a hot drink. 9/10

Veggie option - 2 vegetarian sausages, 2 eggs, sauteed mushrooms, beans, tomatoes and hash browns. £5.95 

Overall - Krazy Horse is certainly an incredible place if you're into bikes, everything's beautifully presented, the selection of bikes and clothing is vast and they have their own workshop too. Rockers Cafe is equally impressive and offers great all day breakfasts at an excellent price. It's a nice environment and the staff are friendly, definitely worth visiting if you're looking for somewhere to eat breakfast in Bury St Edmunds. 8/10

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