Sunday, 27 December 2015

Highlights of 2015


The year started off well when I decided to revisit Olives in Norwich, I loved what I discovered there! A breakfast that dared to be different and tasted so good my taste buds didn't know what had hit them. With a breakfast this good Olives were sent straight to the recommended section of the blog.

Later in the month The Fry Up Inspector breakfast served by Pandora's Kitchen in Norwich made it into Esquire Magazine's top 25 breakfasts in Britain, it reached no 10 in their list. A great achievement for an amazing local independent cafe serving this stunning breakfast!

More publicity followed with an article about my blog written by Stacia Briggs in local newspaper the EDP. Pandora's Kitchen kindly provided a breakfast and their upper floor for the photo shoot and I dared to partially expose myself in silhouette form for the article.

I ended January with a radio interview for Future Radio, you can listen to it here.


February's highlight was discovering Joe's Cafe in Brighton. I'd tried a number of places for breakfast in Brighton over the years but Joe's Cafe was the best by far, into the recommended section they went.


I'd been contacted by Goodies Farm Shop in Pulham Market, they told me they were proud of their breakfast and suggested I come along and try it. In March I drove out there for a late breakfast and was glad I did, it was really nice and everything on the plate was available in the adjoining farm shop. I contacted them regarding my visit but never heard back, strange considering they they were so keen for me to visit in the first place!


In April I visited Ipswich and was really impressed with the breakfast at The Woolpack, certainly the best breakfast I'd had so far in Ipswich. I'd hoped to return to The Woolpack again in November to try their Sunday lunch but I wasn't able to make it, hopefully I will sometime in 2016 though.

The French Food Adventure also happened in April, I was spending a couple of nights in Paris and then heading off to a music festival on the outskirts. From frogs legs to croque monsieur I was determined to try local classics and things I'd never tried before.


I forget how the Full English breakfast pie conversation started but I remember Chris Avey from The Old Bakery Catering rising to the challenge. The pie was delivered to my house and Chris had even kindly made a vegetarian version for my wife. Both pies were stunning, you can read about them here, thanks Chris!!

I love a good music festival and Bearded Theory in South Derbyshire was an excellent weekend! The weather was amazing for May, we saw lots of great bands and sleep hardly ever got a look in, the highlight was definitely discovering Jaya The Cat though.

It was also in May when BHS launched their "all you can eat for £3.99" breakfast.  I end up having a coffee in BHS once a week and always enjoy watching people ordering this breakfast. Most people ask for either one or two of each item but I watched a chap who asked for five of everything, he walked away at the end leaving an empty plate so fair play to him! The breakfast itself isn't particularly special but if you have just £4 in your pocket and are feeing really hungry then this is certainly the best budget option there is out there.


The Warwick Guest House in Margate was amazing, my wife had booked a weekend in Margate for my birthday and staying here was a real treat, especially at breakfast time!

The main reason for going to Margate was to visit Dreamland that had just reopened again following a huge restoration project. Forget Alton Towers and Thorpe Park, Dreamland was something much different to all the others out there, it took my right back to my childhood and had heaps of character.

There were plenty of other things to see and do in Margate on this hot June weekend which I wrote about in The Margate Adventure.


Just a week after returning from Margate and my case was packed once again, my destination this time was Spain. We visited the Psychobilly Meeting in Pineda De Mar and then moved on to Barcelona, we ended the trip with a couple of days in Valencia. Read all about it in the 2015 Spanish Food Adventure.

There was sad news at the end of July as we discovered that Jamie and Jacqui had sold House Cafe, it had been my favourite breakfast spot in Norwich for sometime now. They put on a special farewell breakfast during their last week which I knew I had to experience. Jamie and Jacqui's farewell breakfast at House Cafe was incredible, homemade corned beef hash, bubble and squeak, white pudding, black pudding and fried bread were added to this to this already stunning breakfast! Thankfully the new owners have kept everything the same at House Cafe so be sure to give it a look still for an amazing breakfast.


In August I headed off with a group of family and friends to Corfu, I hadn't been there since 1987 so and couldn't wait to see the place again. From the beaches of Dassia and Ipsos to the stunning sight of Mouse Island in Kanoni, I shared my experience in the Greek Food Adventure.

Later in the month on a wet August bank holiday I headed out to the Aylsham Show where I was highly commended in the Individual Food and Drink Awards


As the summer was drawing to a close I visited London for the day with my wife. We started the day with breakfast at Pavilion Cafe in Victoria Park, this was clearly a good choice as the breakfast here was delicious!


During October I headed to Hethersett in Norfolk to visit Janey's Village Cafe. I really liked the breakfast being served there and they entered the recommended section of the blog.

I'd heard that The Muddy Cup in Norwich had been taken over so headed there for breakfast and wasn't disappointed. They remained in the recommended section of the blog and I finally got to try the delicious P.B George Guinness sausage.

Also in October was The Magdalen Street Celebration in Norwich. I found it to be a bit disappointing so to salvage the day my wife suggested calling into The Street Cafe for a late breakfast on the way home. The Street Cafe saved the day serving me the most amazing breakfast I can remember eating there!

I ended October by going for breakfast at Pandora's Kitchen in Norwich, the Fry Up Inspector breakfast was as always top notch. If you've tried it you'll know what I mean but if you haven't been yet then be sure to give them a look, a stunning breakfast!


Having revisited so many favourite places in October I decided to continue doing so in November by revisiting Bond Street Cafe in Norwich. They were still serving the same great bumper breakfast at just £6.

I also spent much of November adding to my other blog The Roast Inspector. I discovered some great Sunday lunches in Nowrich but my favourite was at The White Lion. A traditional pub serving incredible home cooked food, the 12 hour slow cooked brisket was to die for!


In December I revisited Harty's Diner in Norwich, I've loved this place for many years now and it was still serving that same great builders breakfast. This place has heaps of character and owner Jim ensures there's always plenty of banter to go around too, a classic gem that has stood the test of time!

The final highlight of year happened in London at Polo Bar, I stopped by here to try their delicious Santa's big breakfast. The traditional full English breakfast had been slightly tweaked with pigs in blankets, stuffing, cranberry sauce and festive beans. The combination worked really well and Polo Bar were the only place I could find serving a Christmas breakfast.

Thanks to everyone that reads the blog and supports what I do! I'm looking forward to searching out more great breakfasts in 2016 and can't wait to visit Japan once again, Happy New Year!! 


  1. Happy New Year! Love your blog!

  2. Delicious reading and tantalising. I live in Bangkok, which has it's share of fry ups, but not the choice of the UK.

  3. Happy New Year, F.U.I. and thanks for another entertaining year of write ups and reviews.

  4. Happy New Year, FUI! I hope the next year is your best yet!

  5. Have to say I'm with you regarding 'House's Norwich. Also love Cafe 33 breakfast hash (ask them to hold the leaves though!!)
    One place you really must try on your travels is the Red Lodge transport cafe off the A11. A transport café which I discovered 20+yrs ago and recently revisited, out of curiosity. It still serves the biggest breakfast I have EVERYTHING encountered & even the next one down beat me. I have a pic but can't load it on here. Quality wise,expect transport café & you won't be disappointed; you even get tea in a white mug!!

    1. Hi, I love Cafe 33 too, I must try their breakfast hash sometime. Red Lodge transport Cafe is already on the blog, I went a few years ago, I can't post a link here but you will find it on the blog index or if you google it :-)