Monday 23 November 2015

Bond Street Cafe - Norwich

Bond Street

Opening hours
Monday to Friday - 7.30am till 2pm
Saturday - 7.00am till 12.30pm

Breakfast served all day


Over 5 years had passed since my first visit to Bond Street Cafe, it still looked exactly the same. 

The menu caters for different sized appetites and vegetarians are looked after here.

Place your order and pay at the counter, don't forget to grab some cutlery and a paper if you fancy a read whilst waiting for your food to arrive.

The interior is bright and spacious, menus are on the wall and breakfasts are served all day.

There's no shortage of sauce here.

A mug of instant coffee costs 90p.

A slice of toast arrived first with some marmalade.

On my first visit I didn't use the marmalade so this time I decided I would, I'd forgotten how nice marmalade on toast was.

The bumper breakfast is served on a huge plate, it was steaming hot and a bargain at just £6.

The jumbo sausage was ok, no award winner though but on a breakfast costing £6 it seemed perfectly acceptable. Half a slice of fried bread and a slice of bread and butter comes with the bumper breakfast.

A nice pair of eggs took centre stage.

Both eggs had yolks to be proud of.

Big juicy slices of flavoursome tomato.

Pretty good bacon and black pudding.

Nice sliced mushrooms a hash brown and some fried potatoes completed the good selection of items found on this breakfast.

Back in July 2010 I discovered Bond Street Cafe in Norwich (read the 2010 review here) and it became inspection no 16 on the blog. Over 5 years later I decided to revisit and re-review the cafe, as it opens so early I was able to pop in before heading to work...

Upon entering - Everything inside looked exactly the same as I'd remembered it, the only thing different was the fried breakfast artwork that had once hung on the wall was no longer there. There are two spacious seating areas, one at the front and another one towards the back close to where the counter and kitchen are located. A large menu hangs on the wall and a smaller but more detailed menu can be found by the counter, this shows you what items each breakfast contains. Place your order and pay at the counter, this is also where you can find milk and sugar for your drink should you need any. Remember to collect some cutlery from the tray by the counter, salt, pepper and sauces are already on each table. The cafe is well lit and has a fairly relaxing atmosphere. 8/10

Service - The staff here were friendly, welcoming and efficient, they seemed to have a nice flowing system that worked well. I placed my order and didn't have to wait very long for food to appear, first the toast and marmalade closely followed by the bumper breakfast. 8/10

Contents - 1 jumbo sausage, 2 bacon, black pudding, 2 fried eggs, fried bread, 1 hash brown, fried potatoes, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, 1 slice of bread and butter and 1 slice of buttered toast with marmalade. 9/10

Presentation - The toast arrived on a side plate and the bumper breakfast was served on a huge round plate. With so many different items included with the bumper breakfast, the use of such a large plate meant all the items could sit nicely together but be seen, a beautiful sight! 9/10

The food - I covered the toast in the marmalade, I'd forgotten how nice this was, a great starter before the cooked breakfast arrived. The food arrived piping hot with steam hovering above everything. The jumbo sausage served here is fairly basic but reasonably firm and tasty, considering the price of the breakfast though a quite acceptable sausage. The bacon was nicely cooked and tasted great between the fluffy white bread with some ketchup. The black pudding was fairly standard and the mushrooms were juicy and delicious. The hash brown was nice and crispy, the fried potatoes golden with a soft centre. The sliced tomatoes were really flavoursome, the mushrooms were juicy and the beans were served in a nice thick stodgy sauce. The highlight for me though had to be those great pair of eggs with nice runny yolks, they seemed quite at home on top of the delicious and crispy fried bread. 8/10

Value for money - Since my previous visits I'd noticed that a hot drink is no longer included in the price of the breakfast and one slice of toast is now served instead of two. Despite this the bumper breakfast was still very good value for money at £6, the coffee cost just 90p. The ingredients are fairly basic but all cooked and presented really nicely, you won't leave feeling hungry! 8/10

Veggie option - Yes, 3 different sized veggie breakfasts available. 

Overall - Bond Street Cafe has certainly stood the test of time, a classic cafe serving nicely cooked affordable breakfasts. The service is friendly and the food is well presented and served piping hot. Certainly worth visiting if you haven't been there yet and nice to see a good selection of breakfasts for vegetarians on the menu too. 8.5/10


  1. Great value, less than £7 for all that! Loving the inclusion of black pudding and sliced potatoes, the toast and marmalade too is a nice touch. Impressed.

  2. If that's not a 10/10 for contents, what is missing?

    1. A decent sausage and bubble and squeak spring to mind!

    2. Bubble, another extra that's so cheap and easy to make yet you hardly ever see it!

  3. All that for 6 quid! What a bargain. Must be 10 out of 10 for contents? Looks like decent quality also. What more can you want for £6?