Tuesday 6 October 2015

Janey's Village Cafe - Hethersett

32A Mill Road

Breakfast served all day

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday - 8am till 8pm
Sunday - 10am till 4pm


Last time I was here I took the exterior shot through my windscreen, another day, same shot but different Cafe! China Tang Tea House had closed it's doors for the last time and Janey's Village Cafe had opened instead.

Inside everything looked pretty much the same.

Table cloths gave it a more homely feel.

Fresh flowers on each table was a nice touch.

The breakfast menu is served all day and caters for vegetarians and even those who prefer a continental breakfast. 

I got 4 mugs of filtered coffee out of this cafetiere, it cost just £1.35, amazing value for money!

A basket arrived with the breakfast containing quality sauces and some chilli and garlic seasoning. My wife was unable to join me for breakfast today but she loves anything chilli based and would have been impressed I'm sure.

I was really impressed when the food arrived, nicely cooked and great presentation, the toast was in need of a side plate though.

A pair of crispy hash browns laid on a bed of bacon.

The fried potato slices were an unexpected bonus not mentioned on the menu.

You can choose between fresh or plum tomatoes, I meant to order plum but forgot. Thankfully the fresh ones tasted amazing so I was very happy.

For just 75p you can add black pudding, definitely worth doing.

Beans touching eggs can cause problems with many, as can garnished eggs. Not for me though, I always eat the eggs and beans together over the toast. The garnish over the eggs I felt added to the presentation and worked well on this vibrant and colourful breakfast.

The plump and juicy sausages were slightly herby with a fairly bouncy texture.

I'd heard through the grapevine sometime ago that China Tang Tea House had closed and Janey's Village Cafe had opened in its place in Hethersett. I didn't think I would make it out there as soon as I did but when Emily Rose Draper posted a photo on my facebook page of her breakfast she'd eaten there I liked what I saw. I discovered they were serving all day breakfasts so headed there after work on a Friday afternoon...

Upon entering - Visually not much had changed inside but table cloths and fresh flowers on each table gave it a much more homely feel. One noticeable difference was how busy it was though, as customers finished their meals and left, more kept arriving. Good sized tables line each side of the cafe with a picnic table outside should you prefer. Menus are nicely presented on a stand beside fresh flowers, salt, pepper, vinegar and sugar. Once inside take a seat and decide what you want from the menu, your order is taken at the table, cutlery and sauces arrive with the food and you simply pay on your way out at the till. It was a lovely little place to enjoy a spot of breakfast, very relaxing and very welcoming, I could see why it was so popular! 8/10

Service - The lady serving me (Janey maybe?) was incredibly friendly, welcoming and an excellent host. I was greeted with a smile and my order was taken, a large cafetiere of filter coffee arrived first, I was only expecting a mug of coffee so was pleasantly surprised! A bit later the breakfast arrived with some cutlery and a selection of sauces, I was asked if I needed anything else and during the meal asked if everything was alright. I settled the bill at the end and got chatting to a couple of customers on the way out, everyone seemed really friendly here! As service goes, here it was friendly, sincere and flawless! 10/10

Contents - 2 sausages, 2 bacon, 2 slices of black pudding, 2 fried eggs, 2 hash browns, fried potato slices, tomatoes, beans, mushrooms, 2 slices of toast and butter. 9/10

Presentation - The vast selection of nicely cooked items filled the plate beautifully offering an impressive and colourful breakfast display. The toast was perched on the edge of the plate, I felt it would have been better served on a side plate though as I had little space to butter it. The sprinkling of greenery (parsley maybe?) over the eggs seemed to finish it off nicely. 8/10

The food - The sausages were a herby variety, quite plump and juicy, certainly a reasonable enough breakfast sausage. The bacon was nicely cooked and went well between some of the evenly toasted white bread spread with real butter. The other slices of toast ended up underneath the generous serving of beans and superb fried eggs, both had nice runny yolks and not a trace of uncooked egg white. The black pudding, mushrooms and hash browns were all nicely cooked and tasted great, the fried potato slices were a delicious unexpected bonus not listed on the menu. When I realised I'd ordered fresh tomatoes instead of plum ones I kicked myself, it turned out the fresh ones tasted amazing though so a good decision in the end. 8/10

Value for money - Janey's big breakfast cost £5.95, by adding black pudding at 75p and an entire cafetiere of filtered coffee for just £1.35 my total bill came to £8.05. That's an incredibly reasonable price for such a varied and tasty breakfast and 4 mugs of coffee. 9/10

Vegetarian option - 2 veggie sausages, 2 eggs, hash browns, fresh or plum tomatoes, beans, mushrooms, toast or bread and butter. £4.95. m

Overall - Even if you're not planning on passing through Hethersett any time soon you may well want to make a detour to Janey's Village Cafe. The food is great and the prices are incredibly reasonable, what impressed me most though was the excellent service and friendly welcome. It was nice to see how well they're doing, it's clearly a popular breakfast destination and it's easy to see why. 8.5/10 


  1. Got to say that would have been 10/10 from me for value...black pudding plus 4 coffees! Was the pudding good, say compared to Little Chefs rubbish? The sausages look like our Lincolnshire ones, and that chilli/garlic grinder (I have the same one) would have gone straight on to my beans. Very nice breakfast.

  2. I like the look of this and will be visiting. I am not a fan of herby sausages though.Nor smoked bacon either. Perhaps it will become fashionable to offer varieties of both in quality conscious establishments in the near future { hope ]Great review. Harry.

  3. Went there. Dismal in most aspects- sorry,but true.Harry.

  4. 25 march 2017 Harry 37.

  5. I love Janey's! Please also try out Aldis and Sons Cafe in Poringland - their breakfasts are amazing! :)