Sunday 30 August 2015

No 28 Cafe - Holt

28 High Street
NR25 6BH

Breakfast served
Monday to Saturday from 8am till 11.30am

No 28 is easy enough to find on Holt High Street.

First impression were good, the interior of this cafe was clean and well lit.

I sat by the window, there's also tables outside if you prefer eating al fresco.

On a trip upstairs in search of the bathroom I discovered another dining area.

The full English cost £8.95 and included toast and a hot drink, pretty reasonable for Holt.

Ketchup arrived in a small pot but it was just enough for me and it seemed far better than wrestling with frustrating sachets.

A decent filter coffee arrived first.

The breakfast arrived nicely presented with a quality sausage and nice pair of eggs.

Fairly standard white toast was served with real butter.

The thick bacon and large sausage were both good quality.

Although quite pale looking the sausage tasted excellent and the texture was really firm and meaty, I'm not sure of the supplier but No 28 had certainly chosen wisely.

Large and juicy mushrooms, a giant tomato and beans served in a ramekin.

A nice pair of eggs ended up on top of the buttered toast, delicious!

I was going to be in Holt for the day so couldn't resist finding somewhere I hadn't yet visited for breakfast. With very little online presence No 28 wasn't obvious at first, thankfully a reader of the blog made me aware of them though. Once in Holt I headed along the High Street, took my exterior shot and headed inside...

Upon entering - This well lit cafe was spotlessly clean, the tables were well laid out and first impressions were good. If you prefer eating al fresco there are a small amount of tables outside, it was a really sunny day but I decided to sit inside by the window. There's full table service here and each table has menus, salt, pepper and sugar already on them, sauces are offered before the food arrived and are served in a small pot. Often places offer sauces after the food arrives but offering it before hand seems like a much more sensible idea to me as you are all set to eat then with no waiting around. The cafe's a great place to relax in whilst watching the world go by on Holt High Street. I later ventured upstairs in search of the bathroom and discovered plenty more tables up there too so a much bigger place than I first thought. Before leaving I simply settled my bill at the counter though I'm sure I could have asked for it to be brought over. 8/10

Service - Once I'd found a table and chosen from the menu a very efficient young chap came over to take my order. The usual breakfast options were given regarding eggs and toast and I was asked if I wanted any sauces. The coffee arrived first followed by sauce, cutlery and finally the breakfast. I was left in peace to eat and as I paid on my way out I was asked if everything was ok. A very pleasant experience and I was made to feel really welcome. 8/10

Contents - 1 sausage, 2 bacon, 2 fried eggs, 2 large mushrooms, one large tomato, beans, 2 slices of toast & butter and a hot drink. 7/10

Presentation - The layout was tidy here and the food filled the large plate quite nicely. The sausage may look quite pale but I didn't even notice at the time as I was so focused on what a good quality looking banger I'd been served. The giant tomato was served whole but sliced to let the heat in, it sat proudly in the centre of the plate surrounded by the other nicely placed items. Beans served in a ramekin always gets the thumbs up from me as it makes them far easier to transfer onto the toast. 8/10

The food - An truly amazing sausage with a really firm and meaty texture, really delicious and a perfect choice of breakfast sausage, pure pleasure to eat! The quality bacon was pretty impressive too, especially between some of the hot buttered toast with ketchup. The fried eggs were nicely cooked with runny yolks intact and the beans were piping hot. The tomato was fairly firm but really tasty and the mushrooms really juicy and delicious. Certainly a breakfast that was enjoyable throughout and filled me up nicely. 8/10

Value for money - £8.95 seemed like a fair enough price to pay for a breakfast that included toast and a hot drink, especially considering the quality of the ingredients used. 7/10 

Veggie option - No 

Overall - I really enjoyed eating at No 28, great service and a nice relaxing environment inside. The breakfast was surprisingly filling and the highlight was most definitely that superb sausage. I was surprised to see no vegetarian full English breakfast on the menu but despite this No 28 seemed to be ticking all the right boxes and serving the people of Holt and beyond rather well. Definitely somewhere I would happily return to for breakfast again. 7.5/10

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  1. No comments for ages, it seems. So I'll leave one - thanks for the Greece series and all your recent posts, entertaining and amusing as always. I need to try more of the local places you've given good scores to. We're off to Fakenham Gas Museum on Friday (wanted to go there since I first heard of it years ago - finally got it together). We'll look for a decent cafe in the town centre. I'll let you know if there's one you ought to inspect!