Friday, 17 July 2015

2015 Spanish Food Adventure - Day 4

Not feeling so good...

We must have got back to the hotel very drunk at nearly 4am, less than 5 hours later I was eating this and I remember very little about it.

These appeared later but they looked a bit undercooked so after one bite I left them.

This was to be the last plate of food that I ate with any appetite for a while.

What we thought was a hangover developed into food poisoning, we just about managed to make it to the hotel poolside where we spent the rest of the day.

We forced ourselves to go out to the nearby Bon Lloc restaurant in the evening, usually a favourite but tonight even the stunning garden terrace wasn't doing it for us.

In a bid to feel better again we ate some pizza but it seemed really dry, all there was to do in the end was rest and hope we felt better in the morning, Barcelona was calling us!

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  1. Ha ha...the brekko's are getting worse....tuna, cheese, ham, hot dogs and churros? Followed by raw chipolatas and a cardboard wonder you guys were feeling rough!

  2. Looking again at those chipolatas I'm thinking they were given a quick nuke in the microwave rather than seeing a frying pan.