Saturday 11 April 2015

The French Food Adventure - Days 4 & 5

Days 4 & 5 - No food for miles, day 2 of the festival and a last look at Paris.

Following last nights excessive alcohol consumption at the festival we didn't make it out of the hotel till after 6pm and we were both really hungry. Nowhere near to our hotel was open to buy food so we headed to Vernouillet in the hope of finding somewhere open. It was Easter Sunday and every restaurant was passed was closed here too..

This pizza shop was a god send and our only option so we headed inside.

My wife went for the Vegetarian.

I went for the four seasons, both were great pizzas that we expected to get in a box but the owner kindly served them on a plate for us.

Wristbands on we headed back inside the festival, we wouldn't have much time though as we planned on catching the train back tonight. We couldn't possibly risk waiting around for coaches at the very end like we had the previous night.

We really enjoyed The Coffin Nails from the UK, Charlie Harper from UK Subs joined them for a song too which was an unexpected bonus! 

 We love Long Tall Texans but only managed to catch 2 of their songs before having to make a quick exit to catch our train back to the hotel. If only there had been hotels closer to this festival, We left deciding that because of this we would not return here again. A real shame as the festival was excellent, just too much hassle getting there and back each day.

I loved these double decker trains.

 Back in Villennes we were finally a 30 minute walk away from the hotel.

Having just eaten a pizza each today we scoffed some of these. Really nice chocolate eggs with a soft mousse centre.

Our decision to leave the festival early last night was a wise one. The following morning we felt fresh a daisy and finally the sun was shining too! With a little time before the train arrived we explored Villennes.

The Seine runs through Villennes, it was like a scene from a postcard.

€6 bought 2 espressos and 2 croissants in the cafe by the station.

This was my favourite croissant so far, really buttery inside with a nice flaky edge. So much nicer than those found at the supermarkets back home.

 We boarded the train for our trip back to Paris.

When we were here earlier in the week it was grey skies and rain, everything looked so much nicer in the sunshine. Just a shame we were heading home in under 2 hours really!

We chose a restaurant close to Gare Du Nord station for our final meal. Probably not the cheapest place to stop at, this coffee was €4.

This omelette and salad was really nice and more reasonable at €8.

 As we headed to the departure lounge we spotted this great way to charge your mobile phone, pedal power!

The very last thing we ate was some nougat from the station shop. Our time here was over and although the weather wasn't ideal for the best part it had been great to visit Paris again.

Next food adventure will be in Spain - July 2015

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