Wednesday 1 April 2015

Pye Baker of Norwich

132 Dereham Road

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday
6.30am till 5.00pm

A couple of times last year I caught the Pye Baker stall set up outside the Forum, that was the first time I ever experienced one of their incredible Eccles cakes.  I was delighted to discover they had recently opened a shop on Dereham Road in Norwich, I went along to give it a look and came out with more than just an Eccles cake!

When I spotted these Portuguese custard tarts in the window my shopping list started to grow.

A stack of my favourite Eccles cakes.

They stock a good selection of artisan breads using the best locally sourced ingredients. It all looked excellent and I definitely plan to buy a loaf on my next visit.

Choosing what else to buy was no easy task, everything looked so delicious!

A selection of savoury and sweet tarts tempt you at the counter.

I almost went for a croque monsieur but was won over by a sausage roll.

These are the five items my wife and I decided to take home and try, a sausage roll, a red onion and goat's cheese tart, a chocolate brownie, a Portuguese custard tart and of course an Eccles cake!

The red onion and goat's cheese tart

A perfect balance of slow cooked red onion marmalade and creamy goat's cheese in a delicious pastry.

The sausage roll is made using all butter puff pastry and Swannington farm to fork free range sausage meat. They are not only really delicious but very big too!

I popped mine in the fridge for a while as I prefer a cold sausage roll served with tomato ketchup, these have a very generous filling.

Next it was time to try the sweet items.

The Portuguese custard tart, I had only ever tried one once before at E. Pellicci in London.

The thin crust was filled with an amazing creamy custard, these were to die for!

The chocolate brownie was very moist and fudgy inside and tasted so good, you just gotta treat your taste buds to one of these.

 The eccles cake was much deeper than any other I had tried before.

The crunchy sugar encrusted pastry is packed full of rich and spicy currants making this deep filled Eccles cake by far the best I've ever tasted.

The staff team at Pye Baker were all really helpful, friendly and happy to explain everything to me about the products they sell. There are a couple of tables inside and one outside too, perfect if you can't wait to try what you've just bought! They also sell hot and cold drinks and a selection of filled sandwiches and rolls. I will certainly be returning again soon to try more of their cakes and pastries. I was really impressed with Pye Baker of Norwich, an excellent addition to Norwich's line up of amazing independents. Go give them a look yourself, you're certainly in for a delicious treat!


  1. I like Pye Baker too - probably the best mince pies in the world?

    It's good to see you branching out beyond the confines of fry-ups, FUI! There are so many food outlets, varying between fantastically good and fantastically bad, they all ought to be inspected. Perhaps you should change your name - but what to?

  2. How much do I want that sausage roll???, but hot, with plenty of English mustard.