Tuesday 17 March 2015

Cherryleaf Coffee House - Norwich

50 St Giles Street

Full English breakfast served on Sunday only 10am till 2pm

I had recently viewed an exhibition at Cherryleaf Coffee House and something had caught my eye so a return visit was definitely needed.

 This was the reason for this visit, it all sounded delicious!

The counter and kitchen are located in the far corner.

Lots of really nice looking cakes and pastries are displayed on the counter.

An exhibition of illustration was being displayed by Ella Goodwin, she also designed the Fry Up Inspector logo and recommended trail map of Norwich.

The dining area is well lit with nicely spaced out tables, the walls display work being exhibited by local artists which are available to buy.

 A selection of greeting cards were also for sale on the counter.

 Fans of Teapigs tea bags are in for a treat here where a vast selection are available to buy.

 The Cherryleaf Sunday breakfast menu.

I started off as I always do with a cappuccino.

A large bottle of heinz ketchup arrived at the table.

The Cherryleaf breakfast looked great and was served nice and hot.

A lovely pair of P.B George Norfolk sausages, a perfect breakfast sausage.

I have eaten these sausages quite a few times now, I love the taste and firm texture.

Nicely cooked bacon and beans in a well reduced sauce.

 A delicious sweet tomato chutney and perfect poached eggs.

Just look at that yolk, spot on!

The breakfast was served with ciabatta and butter.

My wife chose the veggie breakfast which cost £6.50. "Just lush, I loved it" she told me!

A few weeks ago I went along to take a look at Ella Goodwin's "Fairytales and Felines" exhibition at Cherryleaf Coffee shop and discovered they served a Sunday full English breakfast. A return visit was most definitely needed, a friend was visiting who wanted to see the exhibition and had asked to join me on a fry up inspection so this seemed to be the perfect reason to return for breakfast..

Upon entering - There are a selection of tables inside to choose from as well as a sofa and coffee table. The counter is located in the corner displaying a delicious selection of cakes and pastries. The walls display local artists work which is for sale, the work displayed changes on a fairly regular basis. The contemporary and traditional look of Cherrytree Coffee House works really well resulting in a really nice and relaxing place to sit down and eat or just spend some time looking at the work being exhibited on the walls. There is full table service and a breakfast menu is on each table along with salt, pepper and sugar. Once your order has been taken everything arrives at the table when it is ready and sauces are offered. When you have finished simply pay at the counter on your way out. 8/10

Service - We were greeted with a smile and everything we needed arrived at the table at just the right time. We were offered sauces and more hot water for the tea pots and asked if everything was ok. We couldn't have asked for better service, really friendly and incredibly efficient! 10/10

Contents - 2 sausages, 2 bacon, 2 poached eggs, 1 large flat mushroom, half a baked tomato, beans, sweet tomato chutney, ciabatta and butter. 7/10

Presentation - I like my beans served in a pot and even more so in a well reduced sauce, they looked great and were the centre piece of the breakfast. Surrounding this were all the other items looking nicely cooked. The ciabatta arrived on a side plate with some real butter. 8/10

The food - I'm a big fan of P.B George and this is where the meats served here are from. Nice big Norfolk sausages which are a great choice served on a breakfast with their fantastic flavour and nice firm texture. The bacon was equally as excellent and cooked really nicely, the sweet tomato chutney accompanied both really well. Whenever I'm served a poached egg I cut through nervously wondering what awaits inside. Thankfully the chef here knows how to cook a perfect poached egg, I enjoyed these on top of the buttered ciabatta. The mushroom was cooked beautifully and tasted excellent as did the roasted tomato. I really like beans in a thick and nicely reduced sauce served nice and hot, that is just how they were served here. 9/10

Value for money - The Cherryleaf breakfast costs £7.80, it's beautifully cooked, a real pleasure to eat and certainly worth the money! 7/10

Veggie option - The veggie breakfast costs £6.50 and consists of 2 poached eggs, 2 large flat mushrooms, beans, tomato, sweet tomato chutney and ciabatta.

Overall - I lovely place to enjoy this great breakfast with the added bonus of local artists' work being exhibited. You are made to feel really welcome and the service is friendly and efficient. The full English breakfast is only available on a Sunday but there is a different breakfast menu available on other days which includes a bacon roll and coffee deal for £3.50 before 10am. I usually like my eggs fried but they are served poached here, it did make a nice change though and they are cooked perfectly. I was surprised the vegetarian breakfast didn't come with veggie sausages but my wife was delighted with it and really enjoyed it. The sweet tomato chutney was a nice little touch and complimented the PB. George sausages really nicely. 8/10



  1. I used to work in the office just above the Cherryleaf and I loved getting there in the morning with the amazing smell coming from below! The cakes (home-made!) and everything else are fresh and tasty. Always when I get back to Norwich stopping at the Cherryleaf for a hot chocolate and cake is a must!

  2. I live in a small town in the Southern U.S. and one of my best friends is from the East End - don't ask me how he ended up there... Every week we get together and I cook him a full fry-up ( I was stationed in Britain)- sausage (I substitute bratwurst with plenty of pepper) Canadian loin bacon, real Heinz beans, tomatoes, mushrooms and fry bread with the eggs etc and he and his wife are in heaven but my wife is like yours and needs the vegetarian selection. We DO have HP here too! Love your blog!