Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Chandos Sandwich Bar by James Crawley

Chandos Sandwich Bar
60 Chandos Place

So breakfast options in the Charing Cross area are strictly limited unless you want to give money to the main chains such as EAT and Pret accompanied by Eau De Tramp which pervades every nook and cranny of this part of London, or blow £30 at a hotel. Determined to find an alternative I went on the hunt and found a proper English café (run by Italians of course) on Chandos street, which is directly behind Charing Cross Police station and a two minute walk from the station.

On entering you are presented with a pretty standard sandwich bar with a few tables and a large counter selling deli sandwiches ( the fillings for which they make on the premises as I could see them prepping for lunch, rather than emptying them from the ubiquitous food service white plastic boxes – a good sign)

Tables are reasonably sized café tables, with moveable chairs and you are met with a friendly welcome by the guy serving behind the counter.  The menu is standard fair, a healthy and non-healthy version of an English breakfast, various omelettes and egg options.  I went for the full English with additional chips, a cup of tea and FRESH orange juice which was squeezed as I waited.  All in all total cost £7.50 – very reasonable

When the breakfast arrived I got two healthy thick rashers of bacon (which wasn’t the normally over salted cheap stuff) a nice butchers sausage, beans, chips, and two slices of toast.  It was all nicely prepared and very tasty.

There was also a good selection of other teas, coffees and drinks available.

Staff were friendly and helpful, the cutlery, tables etc were nice and clean, there was decent quality brown and red sauce available.

Overall – Not only is this one of the only options in the area, it’s actually a really nice option and I will definitely return. 8/10

Written by James Crawley

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