Sunday 20 July 2014

2014 Spanish Food Adventure - Day 8

An awful breakfast, an amazing sandwich and the journey home..

 I woke up on the final morning with a slight hangover from the mojitos and sangria consumed last night.. Maybe a good breakfast would help I thought so we headed downstairs to see what was on offer. At first glance the food looked ok and certainly helpful in curing a hangover, sadly this was not the case. Both the bacon and ham tasted of vinegar, the hot dog sausages were really chewy and the eggs were like eating foam. I ate the beans on toast and went in search of something better.

 This chocolate muffin was fairly nice at least. 

I may have not got around to trying crema catalana on this trip to Spain but I refused to leave for the airport without the squidgy sandwich I had seen on day two. It may look like a not particularly special sandwich but I just had to have it, I decided to eat it at the airport whilst waiting to board the plane.

A week ago I was heading in the other direction about to start my holiday, it was now time to leave Spain though..

It had been about four hours since buying the sandwich, it was looking fairly soggy so I decided to open it.

 It was the guilty pleasure snack of the my week in Spain and probably quite unappealing to anyone looking at it now (I know you will appreciate it though Jane! ;-)

 The flight was actually on time, my faith in easyjet was almost restored.

 I ended my holiday the same way I had started with a Pepsi Max and a Twix.

During my time in Spain I had discovered where to find a decent menu del dia, good tapas, proper pizza and experienced the delights of dipping a farton into a coffee. With no flight delays, great accommodation, some amazing bands and the company of my lovely wife it had been an amazing week!

 Having taken a photo of everything I had eaten on my holiday I felt I couldn't miss anything out. I ate this teriyaki chicken, sweet chilli chicken and noodles from Wasabi - Liverpool Street Station costing £5.50. The sweet chilli sauce was way too spicy so not particularly enjoyable.

Coming soon..
The Japanese Food Adventure - Join me on a two week trip to Japan, we will be visiting Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto in search of the best traditional Japanese food, I will also be searching for the best street food and exploring the vending machine culture. We will be riding the bullet train and rollercoasters, visiting a cat cafe and hopefully avoiding the metro at rush hour!



  1. Please try Natto when your in Japan , i want to hear how bad it really tastes!!

    1. I just looked it up, it looks quite grim and slimy too. I am happy to try it though! :-)

  2. The Grammar Inspector20 July 2014 at 22:34

    Thanks for a very enjoyable food-based travelogue, I'm already looking forward to your tales of Japanese food and culture.

    The above review had no grammatical errors whatsoever, so I am happy to award it 10 out of 10!

  3. I'm more and more confused. You were in Spain looking for an english style fry up and pizzas?

    1. Hi Jenny, I was just in Spain writing about anything I ate. I was not searching for a full English breakfast whilst there.