Sunday 6 April 2014

Louis' Deli - Norwich

81 Upper St Giles Street

Brunch served Monday to Saturday from 9am till 3pm

Full English breakfast only available on Saturday

 Louis' Deli can be found on Upper St Giles Street in Norwich.

With so many delicious treats in the window it is near impossible to walk pass without stopping to take a look.

The deli stocks a good range of local and continental foods.

One side of the deli has a few large tables to dine at, towards the rear are some more smaller ones.

 This is probably the best table which looks out onto Upper St Giles Street.

 Cutlery, salt and pepper are found on each table along with a good supply of sugar lumps.

 The Full English is displayed on the corner of the blackboard and is only available on a Saturday.

 First the coffee arrived with the milk served in a jug, there is no shortage of sugar here!

An Americano cost £2.05.

 The breakfast arrived beautifully presented with a good selection of quality items sitting nicely together on the plate. 

Delicious sauteed potato slices and nicely cooked tomatoes packed full of flavour.

Nice thick quality bacon and an impressive pair of eggs.

The sausages tasted amazing with a nice firm meaty texture.

I couldn't resist one final aerial shot of this incredible breakfast before eating it!

 The artisan bread is supplied locally to Louis' Deli, it comes with the Full English breakfast nicely toasted and is served with real butter.

I am always partial to having some ketchup on my breakfast and this one made by Stokes contains Italian tomatoes and is really something special. 

Although there is no vegetarian full English listed on the menu you can have everything minus the meat for £5.50. It arrived with plenty on the plate and my wife was very happy with it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Late last year my wife and I had visited Louis' Deli on a Friday morning but upon arriving discovered the Full English is only served on a Saturday. About six months and quite a few recommendations later we headed back to Louis' Deli for the Full English on a sunny Saturday morning..

Upon entering - Louis' Deli stocks a good range of artisan bread and local/continental foods, these are displayed on shelves and at the counter. In the window is a delicious looking display of cakes, pastries and sandwiches, these can be taken away or eaten inside if you prefer. The front of the shop has a large counter to the right and three large tables to the left, further back is a slightly raised area where a further three smaller tables can be found. It has a nice atmosphere inside with a really traditional look, good chunky tables and nicely tiled walls. Cutlery, plenty of sugar lumps and salt & pepper can be found on each table, there is a large blackboard on the wall containing the menu. Chose a table and somebody will soon be over to take your order, there is full table service and when you have finished either wait for your bill or pay at the till. Ketchup is available on request, not just any ketchup though but Stokes, which is possibly the nicest I have ever tasted! 8/10

Service - The service here was efficient and really friendly, as soon as we sat down somebody came over to offer us drinks and once we had decided what to eat our food order was taken. My wife wanted a vegetarian Full English, this was not on the menu but they were more than happy to offer all the veggie items for £5.50. Drinks arrived first and after a reasonable amount of time the breakfasts arrived. You are certainly made to feel welcome here and will be looked after nicely, excellent! 9/10

Contents - 2 sausages, 2 bacon, 2 fried eggs, sauteed potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and 2 slices of toast with butter. 8/10 

Presentation - The food arrived beautifully presented on an oval plate, everything looked really delicious and cooked just right. Some thought had clearly gone into where the items had been placed with a sausage barrier holding back the beans from the eggs. I am happy for both to touch but for those that can't bear the thought of the two making contact will love Louis'! The toast arrived cut thick from a quality artisan bread with a nice seedy crust served with real butter. 9/10

The food - Excellent quality sausages with a nice firm meaty texture, the bacon was equally excellent and cut nice and thick, both tasted amazing! The eggs were clearly quality too as the taste really stood out and they were cooked superbly with perfect runny yolks but not a hint of runny egg white to be seen anywhere. The potato slices were sauteed to perfection and easily amongst some of the best I have ever tasted. The taste sensation continued with the beautifully cooked tomato packed full of flavour and the delicious mushrooms. I always look for beans in a nice thick sauce and this is exactly how they were served here. The bread that had been toasted tasted incredible, served thick cut with real butter it completed this amazing breakfast. Perfection!! 10/10

Value for money - The Full English cost £7.50, a small coffee cost £2.05. One of the best breakfasts I have ever eaten so worth every penny. I was expecting single items too so the fact there were double sausage, bacon and eggs was a nice surprise!  9/10

Veggie option - I was quite surprised there was not a veggie Full English option but it was possible to have all the items minus the meat for £5.50 and my wife was very impressed with hers saying it was one of her all time favourite breakfasts.

Overall -  This beautifully cooked breakfast has to be tried, the quality ingredients really shine through! The lovely interior of Louis' Deli and the friendly service make it a place that is well worth visiting. The Full English is only available on Saturday though and I can imagine it gets quite busy at times but it is available till 3pm. Certainly one of Norwich's best breakfasts and definitely recommended! 9/10

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