Sunday 5 January 2014

Mustard Coffee Bar - Norwich

3 Bridewell Alley

Although Mustard Coffee Shop do not sell a full English breakfast they do offer a selection of breakfast based ciabattas and muffins on their breakfast menu. Me and my wife decided to pop in for breakfast as we had heard good things about Mustard.

 I ordered the bacon, egg and tomato ciabatta with an extra sausage for £6.50.

 It was very big and looked quite tricky to bite into, things could have got quite messy with those two egg yolks looking eager to pop!

I decided to lay the contents on top of both sides of the ciabatta and tackle it with a knife and fork. It was very filling and tasty containing 2 rashers of bacon, 1 sausage, 3 tomatoes and 2 fried eggs.

My wife ordered the no meat muffin which looked amazing when it arrived! Haloumi, mushrooms, tomatoes and a poached egg beautifully displayed on top of a muffin cost £6.

A coffee or tea is included when buying a breakfast making it much better value for money. Mustard is definitly worth visiting, the food is excellent and the staff are friendly. It did occur to me whilst there that they already have all the key ingredients to offer a full English breakfast so maybe one day it will appear on the menu!


  1. Used to be OK but has dropped in my opinion since the new owners took over. That milk is burnt for a start.

  2. Love this place