Friday 27 September 2013

Sergeant Sausage: The Sausage Run

179 Plumstead Road

Friday morning in the office and it’s nearly the weekend.  What better way to celebrate than an excursion to Archers to pick up a breakfast baguette or two.  It has to be done…..

First things first….

This is a double sided menu

The sign says it all

Double winners. Well deserved

 Insert here 

A full range of sundries are available

 Freshly baked on the premises

Eat, Drink, Enjoy.  Sound Advice

Pastries, Potatoes and Pork.  All the essential food groups

Some of the choice toppings available for the Jackets

Sausage Heaven

Meanwhile back at the office….

Sausage baguette at large, double banger

Hey good looking

 Well tasty with English mustard

A well deserved recommended sticker!

Upon entering  Even from outside Archers dominates the row of shops with its strong branding. As you enter there are a whole array of mouth watering treats on display. It's a bright clean space with a huge counter heaving with breakfast items and carvery meats.  The walls are adorned with meal deals and foodie pictures. A huge menu hangs above the counter. You can't help but smile. 10/10

Service You can be assured of a dry Norwich welcome here, the ladies behind the counter will poke fun at you as you make your order and are always up for a joke, but its all in good humour and there are plenty of smiles.  Just be sure you know what you want before you order or you might get a telling off! 9/10

Contents I recommend a large sausage baguette, but then I like sausages. Two is always better than one.  9/10

Presentation   The Archers secret is simple food, simply presented.  Sausage, Butter, Baguette, what else do you need? And it looks fantastic. 9/10

The food Everything is freshly cooked for the takeaway, and that includes the baguettes. Warm and crispy they complement the sausages perfectly.  The sausages themselves are the Traditional Norfolk Pork available from the butchers counter next door, they have that handed down through the generations blend of spices and mighty meaty flavour that are unmistakeably Archers. Yum!  10/10

Value for money At £3.65 you get quality and quantity, and its worth it, especially on a Friday. 9/10

Veggie option A range of Jacket Potatoes are available with veggie toppings, but not a quorn sausage in sight.

Overall We've tried most of the takeaways for a Friday morning treat here at the office, but the one we always come back to is Archers.  It's not the cheapest around, but there is a reason for that. It's honest, reliable, great food that sets you up perfectly for the weekend (or any day of the week for that matter!).  They don't deliver, but any excuse for a jolly to go pick up that bag of breakfast baguettes, the weight of the carrier as you make your get away is somehow very satisfying. The carvery meats are excellent too, pork and crackling is always a favourite. You won't be disappointed. 9/10

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