Monday, 22 July 2013

Fry Up Inspectors Spanish adventure - Day 5

Day 5 - In search of giant cakes and dinner at Les Caves.

The fried eggs this morning were not looking so great but at least there were beans again.

The glazed donut was lovely and the custard pastry although a tad dry was quite nice too. After working out that I had eaten at least 25 eggs on this holiday so far I felt a healthy moment was needed so I ate a slice of water melon.

After breakfast we didn't have a clue what to do today so looked online for some inspiration. My wife discovered there was a park in Malgrat de Mar with lots of giant cakes, it sounded interesting so we went to investigate.

Once in Malgrat de Mar we were feeling a bit hungover still from last night so decided to stop for a freshly squeezed orange juice, it helped a bit.

Eventually we arrived at Parc Francesc Macia, a large open space with a skate park, adventure playground and sports facilities.

We walk towards the rear of the park and suddenly the giant cakes and pudding appeared in the distance!

This giant swiss roll lay in sun eager to be climbed upon.

It would be great to live in a house like this!

It was quite an unusual sight and the park was well worth visiting to see these giant cakes.

On the way back I tried a Creme Catalana flavoured ice cream, it was really nice and reminded me that I must try a homemade Creme Catalana before the holiday ended. 9/10

The walk back to the hotel was incredibly hot so we went for a paddle to cool down.

We were meeting up with some friends tonight and visiting my favourite restaurant in Calella, Les Caves. We started the evening with an espresso and a glass of cava.

The chicken and chips at Les Caves is so delicious I order it everytime and tonight was going to be no exception.

€8.90 is great value for what you get.

Half a seasoned spit roasted chicken that falls away from the bone, homemade chips and lots of fresh salad 10/10. It's very difficult to finish something so big but I did manage it and washed it down with plenty of sangria and the complimentary hazelnut liqueur they always bring along at the end. This time they gave all the ladies a heart shaped lollipop as we left which is a nice touch! After walking back to Pineda and having a really good mojito at a beach bar we headed back to the hotel, our thoughts were now on going to Barcelona tomorrow!
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