Saturday 8 June 2013

Fry Up Inspectors New York food adventure

  Day 1 - Norwich to Brooklyn, click here


 Day 2 - A walk around Manhattan and Brooklyn, click here

 Day 3 - Central Park, The Highline and...  
The legendary Katz's Deli! Click here

 Day 4 - Staten Island and a trip to Coney Island, click here

 Days 5 & 6 - A final visit to Manhattan, pancake, pizza and the journey home, click here


  1. I really enjoyed reading about your New York excursion. I'm lucky to have family living in Lower Manhattan, so I've visited many times, but not since 2010 and your pieces have given me itchy feet to get back there.

    1. Thanks and hope you make it back to Manhatten again soon!

  2. Sounds an amazing place - especially the legendary food!

  3. Really interesting report of your fab trip, loved all the pics and hope some day to do a trip just like it, thanks :-)