Friday 17 May 2013

Full English burger @ The Woolpack - Norwich

- Special Feature -

Full English Burger 

The Woolpack
Golden Ball Street 

In need of some lunch we discovered this Full English Burger on the menu at The Woolpack.

 This is how it looked on the menu, it certainly looked as impressive when it arrived!

 It was packed full of breakfast items, was well worth £7.49 and you will struggle to finish it.

2 quarter pound burgers, bacon, sausage, fried egg, mushrooms, beans and lettuce in a bun topped with 3 onion rings and served on top of a bed of chunky chips with a pot of bbq sauce.

Everything was cooked nicely and the Heinz BBQ sauce made a great dip. A nice twist on the Full English breakfast and you will have fun trying to eat the burger without making a mess! I spotted an all day breakfast on the menu too so expect a fry up inspection soon..

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  1. They've stopped doing this now, replaced by this:
    Mixed Grill Burger
    6oz beef burger, 6oz gammon burger and a breaded chicken breast fillet, with Texan style BBQ and burger sauces.