Thursday 11 April 2013

Breakfast on a budget - Greggs vs Wetherspoons

Special Feature - Breakfast on a budget

Bacon roll & coffee for less than £3


Most weeks I pop into Greggs for a coffee and normally end up going for the bacon roll and coffee deal as the bacon roll ends up only costing around 60p when ordered with a coffee. I have also in the past bought a similar deal at Wetherspoons which costs slightly less so I decided to compare them both to find out which place is offering the better deal.

White Lion Street - Norwich

I had recently tried the dreadful cooked breakfast here but had always found the bacon rolls to be much better, rather nice infact.

A large fresh roll and 3 slices of bacon.

Butter and sauce is added to the roll if you require it.

With Greggs the trick is to arrive mid morning or you can end up queuing for ages, even mid morning can still be quite busy but this ensures the bacon is not long out the oven as the roll and coffee deal is really popular. Place your order at the till, butter and sauces are offered and the roll is made up and given to you at the counter (sometimes if the bacon is not ready it will be brought over to your table when it is ready), pay and then find somewhere to sit.

The deal - Any regular hot drink or orange juice and a sausage or bacon roll for £2.60 (£2 take away) served before 11am.

The drink - Served in a tall mug is a reasonably nice Latte, it was still nice and hot when I sat down to drink it.

The roll - A really fresh and enjoyable soft white bap buttered both sides.

The bacon - 3 slices and nothing really special but served hot and with a pleasent enough texture and taste.

The sauce - Heinz ketchup generously applied by the staff.

Overall - A large fresh roll with plenty of bacon and just the right amount of sauce served with a fairly nice latte for £2.60 (less if you take it away) is the reason I keep returning week after week.


The Queen of Iceni, Riverside - Norwich

I don't visit here very often anymore and would only ever pop in during the daytime.

The coffee was not quite as nice and the bun looked very dry.

Yep, a very dry burger bun and just 2 rashers of dry bacon.

When buying a hot drink in Wetherspoons it is equally tempting to pay an extra 60p (approx) to get a bacon roll. Place your order and pay at the bar, give them a table number and the roll will be brought over when it is ready (usually about 5 minutes) collect any sachets of sauce you require before sitting down.

The deal - Choose a large coffee or orange juice with a sausage, vegetarian sausage, fried egg or bacon roll for £1.49 before midday. (with a small drink £1.19)

The drink - Fairly nice coffee but not particularly hot by the time I had collected sauces and sat down. 

The roll - A really dry burger bun that was buttered a little on the bottom but not at all on the top.

The bacon - 2 slices of quite tough bacon that had been sitting far too long before being served.

The sauces - Heinz ketchup which although in a sachet meant you could put on as much as you wanted also meant that by faffing around putting it on yourself ensured any heat in the bacon was lost.

Overall - A dry roll and tough bacon served with a not very hot coffee will ensure I return to Greggs next time. To be fair I have had better bacon rolls in Wetherspoons but never as nice as what Greggs are offering.

Conclusion - The cost of the deal is cheaper at Wetherspoons (although you need to order the large drink for it to compare against Greggs regular sized drink) and they offer more roll options but with Greggs offering fresh rolls cooked on site and more substantial fillings you are getting a much better roll at Greggs. The coffee at both places were fairly nice but seemed much hotter at Greggs.

Winner - Greggs


  1. i just had a lovely egg and bacon roll in wetherspoons umm lovely soft bun

  2. I agree Greggs bacon rolls are good, however not quite true about fresh roll cooked on site, there baked at their factory on barker street the day before.

  3. Had a Greggs Egg and Bacon roll yesterday (St Stephens branch, Norwich)...The egg appeared totally processed and rubbery. The bacon was ok though and I was pleasantly surprised that I got three slices. I would have preferred a more healthy wholemeal roll. I ended up toasting the roll in the office to make it more palatable.

  4. you clowns are all wqrong and i agree with this statement i am literally eating bacon roll from greggs with brown sauce and a large mocha in the meal deal most timesi would go garage but greggs DO THE BEST BACON ROLL IN UK YES UK unless you fancier bacon there are better places but nothing beats greggs never tried eggs at greggs some places dont do eggs weathersppooons full english brekfast is better though but if you want a barm bacon greggs is the place to go i bought roll bacon brown sauce mocha large with brownies they also do best brownies and to the guy above some places do buns factory but no most do them on site i have seen them making them so stop lying to people tard anyway fresh bread on site and to the other guy who said preffered healthier bread lmao your buying bacon stop moaning at healtyh the reason supermarkets and shops sell rubbish NOW IS BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE YOU DFESTROYING NICE GRUBB UK USED TO HAVE BEST FOOD INDUSTRY IN WORLD BUT HEALTH IDIOTS LEIKE YOU RUINED THAT THANKS A LOT anyway 10 out of 10 if you go half 7 in morning like i did u get a crispy bacon roll which is the best bacon roll I H AVE EVER TASTED IN MY LIFE WEATHERSPPONS NOT CRISPY THERE IS SOFT BUT GREGGS IM IN LOVE ILL BE GOING EVERYDAY FROM NOW ON LMAO instewad of trashy garage its way cheaper i paid 6 quid brownies roll drink and ham and cheese sandwhich lmao THA IS SUPER CHEAP