Tuesday 23 April 2013

Bacon roll & hot drink offer from Greater Anglia's coach H

Bacon roll and a hot drink for £4.70 

 Available from Coach H on Greater Anglia's Norwich to London service

I visit London fairly frequently and always board the train on coach H, the buffet car. Often my first port of call in London is a cafe to inspect a breakfast but with an almost 2 hour journey ahead of me I find it hard to resist the bacon roll and hot drink deal for £4.70 that the buffet car offers. The coffee is always rather nice and the bacon roll (despite being microwaved) I always really enjoy too, time to take a closer look...

Usually within 10 minutes of boarding the train I decide a coffee and bacon roll is needed.

I always approach the counter praying they have some bacon rolls left, thankfully they always seem to. I have tried Bacon rolls from Upper Crust on Norwich station and Subway on Prince of Wales Road but they just don't seem as good as the ones found in coach H. 

£4.70 gets you a tea or coffee and the bacon roll served with Heinz ketchup. A coffee on it's own costs £2 so it seems to make sense to pay the extra £2.70 for the bacon roll too.

It is always piping hot in a soft roll and packed full of bacon, usually about 3-4 rashers. I am not really bothered about bacon being crispy so I always really enjoy it and with buffet car prices always being quite high this always seems like a good deal and money well spent.


  1. Try the new service on the 6.48 from Norwich - they now have a chef on baord - serving a selection of freshly cooked bacon baguettes, sausage baguettes, scrambled egg, tomato, crossaints, and much more !

  2. I will have to try that, sounds good!

  3. The 06:48 Norwich to London and 09:00 back also have an on-board chef cooking these fresh in crusty rolls or bagels, and you can have scrambled egg too!

    It is a trial so the more people who buy it the more likely it is to stay!!

  4. Bacon in a sandwich/roll/bap has to be crispy. It is the LAW. Otherwise you get a mouthful of rubbery undercooked bacon fat as your last reminder of what should have been a happy time.

    1. I must confess that I adore bacon fat. I'm sure most would agree with you though!

  5. I tried this sandwich because of your review and it really is pretty good. Sadly they have recently replaced it with a mass produced bacon roll in a hamburger box. Greater Anglia should bring back the one you reviewed soon!