Wednesday 20 February 2013

The Lemon Tree Cafe - Wymondham

2 Damgate Street
NR18 0BQ

Breakfast served
Mon - Sat   8am - 11.30am 
Sunday   10am - 11.30am

 The Lemon Tree Cafe can be found on Damgate Street.

It seemed a very popular place and soon filled up with customers.

 The building is stunning and the decor very traditional.

You won't spend too long pondering over the menu.

Salt, pepper and sugar is already on the table, ketchup arrives later.

 A decent cappuccino costs £2

I was pleasantly surprised when the breakfast arrived, it looked great!

A quality sausage and proper mushrooms.

The potato slices were a bonus that are not mentioned on the menu and the fried egg was perfect.

 Beans in a bowl are growing on me, piping hot and pour them exactly where you want them.

This is the vegetarian breakfast with  a nice tasting veggie sausage and crisp hash browns.

We decided to visit Wymondham for a change and my first thought was where to eat breakfast. The Lemon Tree Cafe had been suggested and looked nice online so as soon as we arrived we went straight there...

Upon entering - The cafe is inside a stunning building with heaps of character, it is very traditional with its chunky wooden furniture and exposed beams. There is a counter close to the front door but no need to head there as there is a full table service so just find somewhere to sit. There are menus on each table along with salt, pepper and sugar, sauces can be requested later. The waitress will take your order and bring everything you need to the table, simply pay at the counter on the way out. The cafe is a really nice environment helped along by the beauty of the building it is housed in and is clearly a popular choice as there was no end of customers when we were there. 8/10

Service - You are made welcome as soon as you walk in by the friendly staff, they seem to enjoy working there and are efficient and professional. 9/10

Contents - 1 sausage, 2 bacon, 1 egg, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, potato slices (these were not listed on the menu so were an added bonus) 1 slice of toast and butter. 7/10

Presentation - Stunning! A perfect fried egg sat in the centre of the large oval plate with the other nicely cooked items sitting proudly around it. The beans were contained within a pot waiting to be poured precisely wherever I wanted them. 8/10

The food - A quality butchers sausage and tasty bacon accompanied a perfect fried egg. The potato slices were crisp and delicious, the beans piping hot and mushrooms cooked perfectly. The tomatoes were full of flavour and nicely textured bakers bread was toasted and served with real butter. A great breakfast that was a joy to eat! 8/10

Value for money - The English breakfast cost £5.95 and although on the menu it didn't look like it was going to be very big it was surprisingly filling and worth every penny. 7/10

Veggie option - Yes, Vegetarian sausage, 1 egg, mushrooms, tomato, 2 hash browns, beans and toast & butter for £5.25.

Overall - A fairly priced, nicely presented and delicious breakfast served by friendly staff in a stunning environment. Definitely worth a look next time you are in Wymondham. 8/10



  1. Hi you should return to the Lemon Tree Café, the breakfast has been improved in size presentation and healthiness, using poached eggs, and other local produce. plus coffee has been vastly improved.

    1. I will happily return at some point, to be honest though I was really impressed first time round so not much that needed improving here!

  2. we alternate this place and the stag (breckland lodge attleborough) fairly regularly, both really good

  3. good food, good atmosphere!

  4. The Lemon Tree has changed hands, I think last year, ripe for another review I think. I had an excellent lunch there recently but haven't tried the breakfast yet.

  5. great quality, good service, friendly atmosphere, try the home made beans, shame it's not open sundays.