Saturday, 8 September 2012

Grove Lodge B&B - Weston Super Mare

1 Bristol Road Lower
Weston super Mare
BS23 2PL

Grove Lodge B&B is a short walk from the seafront and situated next to a large open park.

The bed was comfy enough and perfect before another four night festival.

The biscuits were a nice surprise.

This was easy, tick all the boxes and hand it in at reception! I was tempted to tick all the egg options too but thought that would be a bit cheeky so opted for fried egg.

I got a quick glimpse of the breakfast room when we arrived so took some photos whilst nobody was about.

This table I photographed was actually where we sat the next morning.

The sauce situation was looking good and if I was the "cereal inspector" I would have been delighted!

Not a particularly large glass of orange juice but the ketchup bottle was a good size.

When I asked for a coffee a whole cafetiere arrived, excellent!

Brown or white toast was available and it arrived in a toast rack.

Plenty of different items on the plate and presentation was good.

The fried bread was a great and the fried egg cooked nicely.

The economy sausage was the low point but overall a great breakfast.

Having left Bristol we headed to Weston super Mare, we wanted a bed for the night before spending a further four nights in the van at the second musical festival (Beautiful Days) on our trip. We were looking for somewhere that was not too expensive, had wifi, good parking and was en-route to Exeter. Grove Lodge B&B in Weston super Mare ticked all the boxes so we decided a day by the sea would be perfect before heading to Beautiful Days festival...

Upon entering - The room we stayed in was well equipped with everything you needed and the tea/coffee making facilities were good with the added bonus of 2 packets of biscuits. There was a breakfast form that needed filling in and handing in at reception the evening before breakfast. I had not come across this before but it seemed like a fairly good idea as it meant you got exactly what you wanted and knew what to expect when the breakfast arrived. The breakfast room was nice enough with the tables made up with everything you needed. There was a dresser with cereals, orange juice and sauces which you could help yourself to. Breakfast was served at 9am but you could have it earlier if you needed to and arranged it in advance with the owner. 8/10

Service - The staff were friendly and helpful during our stay at the B&B and very efficient at breakfast time too. We arrived at 9am, found a table, helped ourselves to some orange juice and within minutes our breakfasts arrived just as we had ordered them. The system here seemed to work really well, some people may not be keen on choosing their breakfast the night before but for me it was not a problem as I always know exactly what I want for my breakfast. 8/10

Contents - 1 sausage, 1 bacon, 1 fried egg (boiled poached and scrambled were an option if you preferred), 1 hash brown, fried bread, beans, mushrooms, tomato, toast & butter, orange juice and tea or coffee. (Cereal was available too) 8/10

Presentation - Everything was neatly placed on the plate with the fried egg perched on top of the fried bread, exactly where I wanted it. 8/10

The food - The sausage was very basic reminding me of the kind of sausages they used to serve at school. It tasted ok but was far from special with a soft  and squashy texture. The bacon was great and went really well between the hot buttered toast. The hash brown was cooked nicely and had a great texture. The fried egg was delicious and cooked just right with a nice runny yolk, it went perfectly with the golden crispy slice of fried bread. The beans were nice and hot, the tomato had plenty of flavour and the mushrooms were delicious. 7/10

Value for money - The double room for 2 people cost £60 for the night and included breakfast. The facilities here were good, the breakfast was great and there was plenty of it so it seemed like a fair enough price to pay. 7/10

Veggie option - I didn't spot any veggie alternatives on the breakfast menu.

Overall - A nice place to stay, centrally located in Weston super Mare with friendly staff running it. Everything was clean and tidy, the breakfast was cooked and presented nicely with a good selection of items on offer ensuring you would not leave hungry. 7.5

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