Sunday 29 July 2012

Garfunkel's - Norwich

(Now Closed)

Level 1 
Dining Terrace

Head up to the level 1 dining terrace in Chapelfield and you will find Garfunkel's.

The restaurant is nice and big with views overlooking the mall.

Parasols inside seemed a tad strange!?

The new breakfast offer seemed fairly reasonable.

The cutlery and serviette came along with the sauces.

Top brand sauces, that is what I like to see!

Ground black pepper, salt and a selection of sugars.

The cappuccino came with the breakfast and tasted great!

For just 50p extra you can add a slice of toast and butter.

I was a bit disappointed when I first saw the breakfast.

The highlight was the excellent hash brown.

The low point were those tinned mushrooms..

The rhubarb and custard sweet given with the bill was a nice touch.

A year ago Tim Kemp did a guest review for me at Garfunkel's (read about it here

I had walked past Garfunkel's in Chapelfield many times before but it had taken till now to try out their Great British Breakfast...

Upon entering - Head up to the Level 1 dining area and you will spot Garfunkel's close to the lifts, it looks out onto the rest of the mall so is great for people watching. Somebody will show you to a table and take your order. The dining area is large and the tables are well spaced out, each table has menus, salt, pepper and sugar, sauces are brought over with the food. Despite the fact it is in a busy shopping mall it seemed like a nice relaxing environment to sit and eat in. 7/10

Service - The service here was really good and the staff were all really friendly and efficient. The waiter taking our order talked us through the breakfast deal pointing out we could add toast for just an extra 50p. We saw him again later in the street outside and he said hello to us which was nice. The food and drinks arrived in a very reasonable time and a waitress came back to check everything was ok, it did occur to me it would be quite funny to give her a full rundown of my breakfast experience but remembered I was on a secret mission! 8/10

Contents - 1 sausage, 1 bacon, 1 fried egg, 1 hash brown, mushrooms, beans, toast and butter. 6/10

Presentation - Although everything was placed nicely on the plate it did look a bit disappointing when it arrived. The bacon didn't look very crispy and the mushrooms looked tinned. Also one of each item made it look a bit minimal so I was glad I had ordered toast as well. 6/10

The food - The sausage was nice enough with its herby taste but didn't seem that special really and the bacon was ok but lacked any crispiness. The highlight of this breakfast was the delicious crispy hash brown with its nicely textured centre and hint of onion. The fried egg was good with yolk nicely intact and the beans were nice too, going well on top of the hot buttered toast. The mushrooms were tinned so had a quite slimy texture and didn't really have much flavour. 6/10

Value for money - The Great British breakfast cost £5.75 (£6.25 with a regular hot drink), a slice of toast and butter is an extra 50p. It seemed like quite a good price for a restaurant but it is not particularly big or special and you may be thinking about lunch sooner than you think. 6/10

Veggie Option - Vegetarian sausage, scrambled or fried egg, beans, mushrooms and a  hash brown for £5.75 (£6.25 with a regular hot drink) 

Overall - I liked the environment and layout in the restaurant and the service was great. The food was nothing special though and I was expecting better. Some tomatoes and proper mushrooms would have been nice as well as a bigger breakfast option with more items. 6.5


  1. Would have added a point for the rhubarb and custard sweetie personally, as I love 'em :)