Thursday, 7 June 2012

Marks & Spencer - Great British Breakfast Pizza

Available from Marks & Spencer for a limited time

A breakfast pizza with an inspector on the box. I was looking forward to trying this!

This is how it looked once out of the box and ready for the oven.

The brown sauce was more like BBQ sauce and complimented it nicely.

After 12 minutes at 200c it was ready.

Here it is cooked, lets take a closer look.

The onion had quite a heavy garlic taste that was nice but a bit strange on a breakfast pizza.

The bacon was smoked and tasted great.

There was a generous amount of cumberland sausages on the pizza (about 6) and they tasted great too and went well on a pizza. A nice addition may have been some eggs and beans (both I have had on a pizza before) but I guess it wasn't called the Full English Breakfast Pizza so fair enough! 


  1. Looks good I'm on the case I send mrs grub later to M&S love your blogs.

  2. Thanks and be sure to let me know what you think of the pizza.