Sunday 8 April 2012

Guest Review by Bill Albers

The Lion and Rose British Pub
5148 Broadway (Alamo Heights)
San Antonio, Texas USA 78209

Open 11am to Midnight, Bar 11am to 2am

Breakfast served all day, Traditional Fry Up served until 4pm

The Lion and Rose British Pub has 4 locations in San Antonio, and 1 in Austin, Texas. This is the original, offering a Fry Up on weekends until 4 pm.

A welcoming sign just inside the main entrance, with an invite to try their fry up! Up the short steps, and through another door, you'll see:

Have a seat, and the lovely waitresses will be at your beck and call.

It's not just a place to eat, it's an American version of a British Sports Pub. It's well stocked with all the libations one could care to enjoy, both well and premium brands, and a large selection of ales and beers on draft. There's plenty of comfortable seating available. Premier League Football, Rugby, Formula 1 and other sports are on display on the large number of viewing screens both behind the bar and adjacent to all the booths. I apologize that this picture doesn't do it justice.

Sachets of sweeteners, coasters, and salt and pepper grinders on each table. I'm trying mighty hard to resist reading the drink menu.

This is what I came for. It's only offered at this location currently, however, plans are that they will have it on the menu at their other locations soon.

You can see their menu here

I know the Fry Up Inspector always has coffee or tea with his Fry Ups, but since this was on special ($4.25, 1 dollar off the regular price), I'll have a pint of Newcastle Brown Ale instead!

As you can see, the Newcastle was going down pretty good. There's several other beverage choices available as well! Here's yet another reminder that this is a British Sports Pub! Very few sports bars here in the States will actually show rugby or 'real' football on this side of the pond.

It's served on a round plate! Bonus!

The fry up pictures you've been waiting for. It looks great! Although I will admit, the waitresses employed here are very photogenic as well.

Top brand condiments are available upon request. I guarantee that you won't find HP Sauce at other places in Texas, especially your typical 'Breakfast In America' diner.

Hiding under the toast was the bacon, mushrooms, and grilled tomatoes. Behold, both Red and White (that's a first for me?) blood sausage.

As you can see by the results, I thought it was an excellent fry up.

Oh, wait. What's this? Please, PLEASE do not be troubled by the large amount I had left over; I thought it was delicious! Unfortunately, I just don't have the room for so much food anymore. I had gastric bypass surgery about a year and a half (and 90 pounds) ago. So as a result, I can only eat so much, regardless of how good it is. I'm quite used to taking home what's left over, especially with the large amount of great food that I was served here. I'll gladly take this home to enjoy again later.

Having spent the last few months reading the Fry Up Inspector's reviews on this blog, and recently hearing that the Lion and Rose was now offering a 'fry up', I felt compelled to stop on in and do a review. I've been to their other locations before, with great results. But, the Alamo Heights location is the only location (so far) that offers the traditional Fry Up. Great food, and the opportunity to post a guest review on a great fry up blog? Oh, yeah! On the drive there and back, I listened to my copy of the punk compilation album, 'Let Them Eat Jellybeans' just for the occasion. The Inspector would approve. :)

Upon entering - The restaurant is located in a 'strip mall', so if you're not familiar with the location, it is easy to miss, but I had my GPS guide my way. Once inside, it had plenty of seating, as well as a separate room for parties and special gatherings. Lots of plush booths, and seats at the bar, with plenty of television screens to catch all the sports action being displayed. 9/10

Service - You're welcomed as soon as you walk in the door, and invited to sit anywhere you choose. I chose to sit at a booth alongside an outside wall, so I wouldn't attract too much attention when taking all the photos. Surprisingly, no one asked me why I was taking them. I guess we're too used to people taking pictures with their cell phones, and posting them on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Did I mention that the waitresses here were photogenic? As I'm a married man, I decided against such action, but you can always check their website, or simply visit here yourself to enjoy the scenery. I know I did! 10/10

Contents - Two eggs (any way you choose), two rashers of bacon, two slices each of both red and white blood pudding, two sausages, mushrooms, beans, two halves of a grilled tomato, and toast. 9/10

Presentation - I thought it was impressive, but I'll let you be the judge. 8/10

The food - Having visited another location closer to my home many times, I know that their quality is one reason they are so popular. The eggs were cooked just right, with runny yolks to dip your toast in. The sausages were not economy by any stretch of the imagination, they were flavorful and had just the right spice. The blood sausages were spot on. The beans, grilled tomato and fresh mushrooms were (to quote the fry up inspector himself) "well nice". 9/10

Value for money - The 'Traditional Breakfast' cost me $12.99 before tax and gratuity. Sure, you could spend less elsewhere, but would you get as much value? The scenery itself is worth the dollars spent. :) I could always stay home and watch Rugby, Formula 1 and Premier League football, but I don't even come close to making the great food and drinks that they serve here. 10/10

Veggie option - They're more than willing to accommodate if you want to order a la carte. They have an expansive menu, including salad choices (see their website). Don't forget to order the bubble and squeak, it's highly recommended!

Overall - It was more than worth the trip. The food was even better than even I had expected it to be, and the scenery was…ok, enough of that! I did stay for a couple hours after finishing my meal just to watch 'The Master's' Golf tourney and enjoy a few Gin and Tonics, and enjoy the view! I'll definitely be returning again soon, perhaps to catch the F1 Chinese Gran Prix next Sunday. 9/10


  1. Burnt eggs! Big no no! Plate too small for all those items. Sausage looks great though!

  2. Agreed with your thoughts,, but I tend to like my eggs a bit crispy on the edges.That's the way I ordered them. They will cook them as you like.

  3. looks lovely :)

  4. Ok, it's been some time since I visited this fine establishment. Should I do a follow up review? Let me know, thanks!

    1. I vote yep! Would beinteresting to see if thequality has held up.

    2. Well, then. I need to venture back and try it again! I'll send the FUI an update.