Sunday 4 March 2012

Vegetarian and vegan breakfasts in Norwich

Nearly all of the places I've visited so far offer a vegetarian option of some kind. In this section I will add places where I have a photo of what the vegetarian breakfast looks like. I will also add vegan breakfasts at the bottom of the page. Also check out the reviews by Mrs Fry Up Inspector.

Vegetarian breakfasts
Street Cafe - Norwich.

7 Surrey Street - Norwich.

Compleat Angler - Norwich.

 Sunny Side Up - Norwich.

The Golden Star - Norwich.

The Unthank Arms - Norwich.

Frank's Bar - Norwich.

The Maddermarket Kitchen - Norwich

Clover Canteen @ Temple Bar - Norwich. 

 Ed's Easy Diner - Norwich.

Stepping Stones Cafe - Norwich.

 Olives - Norwich.

 Assembly Rooms - Norwich.

The Earlham Arms - Norwich.

 The Bicycle Shop - Norwich.

Cherryleaf Coffee House - Norwich.

Expresso - Norwich.

Mustard Coffee Bar - Norwich.

 The Unthank Kitchen - Norwich.

Louis' Deli - Norwich.

The Glass House - Norwich.

All Bar One - Norwich.

The Muddy Cup - Norwich.

 Bill's - Norwich.

 Cactus Cafe bar - Norwich.

 Harriets Tearoom - Norwich.

Cote Brasserie - Norwich.

Woolf & Social - Norwich.

Morning Glory at Gonzo's Tea Room - Norwich. 
(Now closed)

Wild Thyme. To be visited soon..

Vegan breakfasts

The Tipsy Vegan - Norwich
Read Mrs Fry Up Inspector's full review here.

The Green Grocers - Norwich.

River Green Cafe - Norwich. Find out more here.

 The Street Cafe - Norwich.

Olives - Norwich. 

Brewdog - Norwich.

Mitre - Norwich. 

The Plasterers - Norwich


  1. All the breakfasts at the Old Bakery are available as veggie versions.

  2. Didn't realise you had this site. Good stuff.

  3. Where's franks bar!? The vegan and veggie breakfasts are amazing!

    1. I only add a breakfast to the section once a have a photo of it taken during an inspection. I agree though, Franks Bar is great!

    2. Not so great on my recent visit though :-(

  4. I have visited the Greengrocers for breakfast, sadly it was a disappointment. Perhaps the veggie breakfast is a bit better there though.

  5. This is a great idea! its always a bit hit or miss. Have you been to Cafe Britannia? Would love to see what its like. :)