Saturday 14 January 2012

Taste - Norwich

(Now closed)

62 St Benedicts Street

Breakfast served till 12.30pm

Taste is located about halfway down St Benedicts Steet.

This is where you place your order.

This area is small with just a few tables to sit at.

Breakfast options are quite limited.

Fresh flowers and the place is kept really clean.

The small biscuit served with the coffee was a nice little touch.

Not a sausage to be seen anywhere but...

Great presentation!!

I was heading towards Chapelfield Mall on a fry up mission when the heavens opened, on top of that it was freezing cold. Suddenly I remembered Taste on St Benedicts Street, it was only a few minutes away so I decided to have breakfast there instead...

Upon entering - The first thing you notice is how small this place is, there is a small counter straight ahead as you walk through the door. Through an open doorway is the seating area with just a few tables. Although small it is a nice place to sit for a while whilst reading a paper over a coffee or chatting to friends. Everything is spotlessly clean and a menu can be found on each table, there is also a menu in the window so you can decide before you enter if you prefer. Place your order at the counter and the chap brings everything over when it is ready. 7/10

Service - There was just one person working there when I visited and maybe that is always the case, fear not though he can multitask flawlessly! He managed to cook my breakfast, clean tables, chat to customers, take orders and make drinks at the same time dashing from one task to another like a busy bumble bee. He told me when ordering what the breakfast would include giving me the option of white, wholemeal or granary toast and bought my coffee over when it was ready complete with small chocolate biscuit. Shortly after that the cutlery arrived and he took my empty sugar wrappers away. Finally he placed the fantastically presented breakfast in front of me. Before leaving he asked if everything was ok, this guy is friendly, does his job amazingly well and keeps the place spotlessly clean at the same time. If I owned a cafe I would like someone like him working for me! 9/10

Contents - 2 bacon, 1 fried egg, mushrooms, tomato and 2 slices of buttered toast. 4/10

Presentation - As you can see in the photo above, amazing! 9/10

The food - The bacon was tasty and nicely cooked, the fried egg was perfect, the mushrooms were perfect, the tomato was full of flavour and the toast was great. 8/10

Value for money - I paid £5.95 for the English breakfast (hot drink is not included in the price) and although everything tasted great it was quite small and a few key items were missing such as sausage and beans. 6/10

Veggie option - No veggie fry up mentioned on menu but other options (scrambled eggs on toast or fried egg muffin) were available.

Overall - Nice little cafe with very efficient and friendly service, the food served seemed really fresh and tasted delicious. The breakfast was in desperate need of a sausage or two and maybe a few beans though.. 7/10

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