Friday 29 July 2011

Guest Review by Tim Kemp

Chapelfield Mall

Had a Garfunkel's breakfast today. I used to enjoy 'em, although pricey, but I kinda find it hard to want to go back when I ask for extra toms to replace the egg (which I can't eat) and find that I get three thin slices of uncooked tomato instead, presumably, of two. So... a small sausage, one rasher of bacon, a few beans and fries, button mushrooms, and two small slices of toast - oh and the uncooked sliced tom... £7.00 (including the 15% discount). Don't even get a free tea or coffee anymore. Just thought I'd share my disappointment. How did it taste? Fair to middling pretty much says it all. I think it's my last Garfunkel's fry up.

Tim Kemp


  1. Is that the bacon hiding under the sausage????

  2. That's downright mean. Thanks for the tip off -won't be going there.

  3. What a awful breakfast. Expected more from them tbh.