Monday 13 June 2011

Morrisons - Norwich

Albion Way

Once you have placed your food order queue up here for a drink and then pay at the till.

There were plenty of free tables when I arrived at 11am.

A good pot of tea to wash the food down.

Salt, pepper and vinegar are on each table but ensure you remember any sauces you want at the till. You get 1 sachet of sauce free per meal, additional sachets cost 8p each.

A rather ugly looking and overcooked egg covered the rest of the food on the plate.

The slightly shameful fried egg tasted like it had departed from the frying pan quite some time ago.

Everything else on the plate was ok and the fried bread was quite nice.

Having tried Tesco and Sainsburys my thoughts turned to Morrisons, I shop there each week and had yet to visit the cafe for a fry up. At a glance I had noticed the fry ups there looked rather tasty so the time had come to see if they could better the other 2 supermarket giants...

Upon entering - As you enter the cafe you will notice a large menu and food ordering point. The cafe area is really big so you are always likely to get a table. Order your food and you are given a number, help yourself to a drink if you want one and pay at the till. Remember to get any sauces you need when you are paying at the till, grab some cutlery before picking a table and popping your number onto it. 7/10

Service - The lady taking my order, the chap on the till and the lady bringing me my food were all nice and friendly. The problem was that the food was ready before I had even payed for it at the till some 3 minutes after ordering it, swift service is all well and good but I had a feeling the food may well have been served before I had even entered the store. 6/10

Contents - 1 sausage, 2 bacon, 2 hash browns, half a slice of fried bread, half a grilled tomato, fried egg, mushrooms and beans. 8/10

Presentation - A bit hard to tell at first with the big unsightly fried egg sprawled across everything, having moved the egg aside everything else sat quite nicely though. 6/10

The food - The sausage although fairly cheap was quite enjoyable as was the bacon. The fried egg had seen better days, it was overcooked and a bit rubbery. The hash browns were a bit overcooked and chewy but the fried bread was great and a real pleasure to eat. The mushrooms and beans were ok and the tomato tasted fantastic. 6/10

Value for money - Morrisons 'famous big breakfast' cost me £4.29 which is a fair price but it didn't seem such good value with the ropey fried egg so.. 7/10

Veggie option - Hash browns, beans, mushrooms, tomato, buttered toast and a fried egg for £2.69

Overall - I must admit I was hoping for better and wonder if it was just bad timing and an hour later a much better plate of food could have arrived? I first thought that Tesco's system of serving your food in front of you as you queue was not such a good idea as the food didn't stay hot long enough, but at least you could choose what you liked the look of. The food was fairly cheap and tasted ok, the service was good but the fried egg did trouble me slightly. It was better than Sainsbury's but I did prefer Tesco so.. 7/10


  1. Round my way in NW London, I've recently discovered the Morrisons breakfast. I go for the "create your own" with 2 sausages, 2 egg, 2 bacon, mushrooms, bread and tea. So far, after 2 of them, I'm quite impressed, especially with the sausage, egg and mushrooms. The bacon is a bit thin, so depending on how long it's been sitting around, it can be a bit hard. I haven't yet tried beans, because everywhere I go, beans are usually cold for some reason. Not a bad price, but the tea ups it by 99p and I probably only bother with one cup out of the two the amount of water would provide.

  2. I live in holyhead and the morrisons full english here was probably the worst i have ever tried all items were below standard but the mushrooms were just terrible i love mushrooms but these were like tined boiled mushrooms and they were just covering my whole dish vile i would give them a 2/10

  3. I went here on Saturday the worst fry up I have ever eaten what sort of cafe serves a hard fried egg

  4. I went here on Saturday the worst fry up I have ever eaten what sort of cafe serves a hard fried egg

  5. Feel I must disagree with you in regards to the sausage. Granted the quality is mediocre, however, the colour, taste and acceptable texture team up to make the best sausage from the other supermarket cafes