Sunday 22 May 2011

Bridge Cafe - West Acton

Westfields Road
West Acton

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Get the central line tube to West Acton, it takes about half an hour from central London.

It won't be winning any prizes for looks and inside it feels a bit like a police prison cell but I didn't care, this is the cafe where the losers from The Apprentice end up to discuss where it all went wrong!

The small counter is where you place your order, while you wait for your food to arrive you can ponder over a mug of tea.

No watered down ketchup to be found here.

The tea was hot and strong.

The toast arrived nice and hot with plenty of butter on.

I knew straight away something was missing.

The missing sausage soon arrived to join everything else.

As soon as I realised I would be visiting London I was making enquires about which Cafe to visit, friends had recommended a number of places, it was just a case of deciding which one to choose. Then whilst I watching my weekly fix of The Apprentice it suddenly dawned on me that I just had to visit Bridge Cafe where the losing team are sent to ponder over a mug of tea. I was not going to get there till 1.30pm so as I entered the cafe I was hoping they served an all day breakfast...

Upon entering - The first thing you notice as you enter is how the cafe resembles a police prison cell with its white walls, bright lighting and bars at the windows.To your left is a small counter where you can choose what you want from the menu on the wall. There are a few long tables, each ones seating about 8 people so at busy times be prepared to share, the best table is by the window and 1 more table is outside. Despite the grim and depressing interior I did feel comfortable enough being in there and thankfully didn't have to share a table with strangers. This place looks like it hasn't changed in years which is a good thing really as cafe's like this are becoming harder to find. 7/10

Service - The chap serving me was very friendly and even rounded up the total cost below what it should have been which meant my mug of tea cost just 10p! The waitress bought the food over and seemed very friendly too, upon realising my sausage had been forgotten she rushed over with it on a saucer and was very apologetic. 8/10

Contents - 1 sausage, 3 bacon, 1 fried egg, bubble & squeak, beans and 2 slices of toast and butter. 6/10

Presentation - At first glance something seemed missing, it was that missing sausage which soon got added to the plate which was no work of art but looked ok. 6/10

The food - Although cooked nicely and piping hot the sausage was nothing special at all, cheap and economy. The bacon was fairly standard but tasted nice enough. The fried egg was great as were the beans. What really stood out though was the delicious bubble and squeak, perfect texture, great taste and by far the best I have ever tasted. 7/10

Value for money - The breakfast should have cost £5.40 but with a mug of tea I was charged just £5.50. The price seemed just about right to me. 7/10

Veggie option - Egg, bubble & squeak and beans maybe?

Overall - Although I visited for the novelty factor what I discovered was a good old school cafe that served good honest grub. I got there quite late so it wasn't too busy but I imagine an hour or so earlier would have been a different story as It is near the entrance to a huge industrial estate. There are no fancy sausages being served here but the bubble & squeak is amazing and the feel of the place was great too. If your in the area it is well worth a visit but don't get there too late as they close at 2.30pm and don't forget to order the bubble & squeak too. 7/10

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  1. I recommend nells cafe in Northfields avenue-west ealing If you are in the area.Quality ingredients,good value,consistently home cooked and open 7am-7pm for dinner also.