Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Pit Stop Restaurant - Santa Pod Raceway

Found beside the main strip @ Santa Pod Raceway

Unless you are planning on cooking your own this place is your only option.

It won't be winning any prizes for presentation and it didn't taste too good either.

Upon entering - Seeing the Pit Stop Restaurant for the first time with its blackboard outside displaying "Big Breakfast" did make me feel somewhat over the moon. The feeling of excitement did rapidly disappear as I entered the building though. A mass of dirty tables that needed clearing lead me to the counter where a selection of cooked breakfast items were on display. If it was anywhere else I would have left but the thought of a fry-up made me persevere. 3/10

Service - Tell them what you want, they pile it onto the plate and you pay, no smile included in the price. 3/10

Contents - Sausage, 2 bacon, fried egg, hash brown, fried bread, beans, tinned tomatoes, tea or coffee. 6/10

Presentation - Not good at all, the photo says it all really! Even if more effort did go into serving it what chance did it have on a polystyrene plate. The beans & tomatoes clearly were not happy and decided to escape. 3/10

The food - A sausage that was so economy I still to this day try not to think what it contained. Bacon with lots of fat (which I rather like) and not as bad as that sausage. A fried egg that most cafes would have binned half an hour before, it may well have been older than me! Fried bread that was cooked well but in really smelly old oil. Bits of tinned tomatoes and economy beans that seemed to swamp everything. 4/10

Value for money - Not worth the money but as it is the only place on site that sells a fry up they can charge what they want. It felt worth about £2.95. 3/10

Veggie option - Yes

Overall - If you are at Santa Pod for the weekend and must have a fry-up then making your own at the campsite has to be the better option. If you do try the Pit Stop then remember, you have been warned!! 4/10

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  1. Not had a breakfast there, but I have had a lunch - most of it was destined for the bin, however, as it was pretty much the same standard as the meal you have described!