Friday, 4 June 2010

Buttercross Tearooms - Bungay

Buttercross Tearooms
6 Cross Street
NR35 1AU

2 hours free parking on Trinity Street

The tearooms is on Cross Street which runs between Trinity Street and St Mary's Street. There is free parking for 2 hours on Trinity Street.

There is a nice paved garden out the back with a few tables and a nice selection of fish in the pond.

I assume the raisins on the tables outside were for the birds but I guess you could try one.

The big breakfast cost £4.95, it didn't include mushrooms but they were happy to add them at no extra cost.

The all day breakfast also cost £4.95, the beans & mushrooms replaced the hash browns & tinned tomatoes found on the big breakfast.

Upon entering - The entrance leads straight to the counter where the first thing you see is a poster with the 2 main fry ups on offer. The garden to the rear is not obvious and could easily be missed. The weather was nice so we sat outside, its really peaceful and there are a number of big fish in a large pond to look at while you wait for your food to arrive. 9/10

Service - The lady at the counter didn't seem at all bothered about us taking 2/3 minutes deciding what fry up to go for, she even added mushrooms to Ella's at no extra cost. The food is bought out to you and sauces are offered by the friendly waitress. 9/10

Contents - I had the all day breakfast - 2 sausages, 2 bacon, 2 fried eggs, fried bread, mushrooms, beans and bread & butter. The big breakfast is what to go for if you would rather have tinned tomatoes & hash browns instead of beans & mushrooms. A 3rd option would be spot on that contained everything, you can however add individual things if you want. 8/10

Presentation - The person serving it places everything correctly onto the plate and it certainly looks the part when it arrives. 9/10

The food - Good quality butchers sausages and tasty bacon, perfectly cooked fried eggs with runny yolks but not at all snotty, the best ever fried bread, lots of whole mushrooms that are a tad over oily, nice beans and lovely fresh white bread & butter. I also tried some of Ella's delicious tinned tomatoes and crisp, tasty hash browns. 9/10

Value for money - A lot of delicious food for less than a fiver. 9/10

Veggie option - Yes

Overall - You will not be disappointed by the Buttercross Tearooms, they certainly know how to make a decent fry up. 9/10


  1. They had run out of coffee this morning, not good!

  2. Xcellent place, food always good.

  3. Always good - best bacon sandwiches in Suffolk, clean, tidy, friendly staff & friendly locals

  4. Food always excellent. Steak pie and sausage pie are worth travelling miles to get.. Staff friendly and courteous and the outside area at the rear is peaceful and relaxing. We enjoyed looking at the pond and the koi carp.

  5. Agree with all the positive comments here - the place is usually populated with a good number of locals, always a good sign. My endorsement goes to the Chicken and Stuffing special when its on. Use it or Loose it folks!

  6. Try the delicious quiche and filling value for money roasts

  7. Try the mega breakfast, includes black pudding. Perfect breakfast. Cannot fault the lovely friendly atmosphere. Liver and bacon is out of this world. Now doing smaller portions for those who cannot manage the normal, which is also a good size. Now has free wifi and starting a loyalty card.

    1. I must visit again to try the mega breakfast. I did send a recommended sticker to them but it didn't get put up. A great cafe, love it!

  8. Please ignore my ill-chosen user name.
    THIS PLACE IS FANTASTIC !! I'm 67 years old now and they make meals just like my mum and even my gran used to make.
    Whenever I pop up to Norwich from Suffolk on my motorcycle, I always try to stop off here for their delicious all day breakfast and this fills me up so well, I don't have to waste money on unnecessary snacks when I get to Norwich.

    You get real country characters in this place who have been coming here for years - they're spoilt for choice that's why boy !