Tuesday 25 May 2010

Tesco - Ipswich Road, Norwich

Available in Tesco stores Nationwide
(Cafe @ Tesco, Ipswich Road Norwich now a Costa Coffee)

I went for 10 items & a mug of tea for £3.95

Another option is pick & choose for 40p an item (yes, I love mayo on fry ups!)

Upon entering - When eating in Tesco cafes you get good value for money but the environment is not too great. Really bright lights, noisy and close together tables that have not always been cleared. If you get there quite early though it does seem much better. The menu does make it very clear what is on offer and for how much. 6/10

Service - The person serving the food can be really nice and serve you with a smile or be really miserable and look like they would rather be anywhere else, the same goes for the person on the till. I generally have found staff there to be ok but of course it will vary from store to store. One problem is that by the time you have got your plate of food, queued up to pay, gathered your condiments and cutlery, found a table and sat down the food is luke warm or cold. Again, getting there early when it is quite does make it possible to eat whist the food is still hot but you have to be quick! 6/10

Contents - Depending on how much you want to eat/spend you select whatever you want and the selection is vast, it includes.. Sausages, veggie sausages, bacon, black pudding, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, fried bread, toast, mushrooms, fresh cooked tomatoes, tinned tomatoes, baked beans and hash browns. 9/10

Presentation - Always been good when I have been and it must be quite tricky to get right when the person serving has no idea how many items will end up on the plate. 8/10

The food - No luxury items here but good all the same! Sausages are cheap but delicious, bacon is ok, scrambles and fried eggs are cooked nicely but go for what looks recently cooked, nice crispy hash browns, mushrooms, beans, tinned tomatoes are good and black pudding & fried bread are well nice. 7/10

Value for money - Great if everything has just been cooked, not such good value if the food has been sat there for a while. 7/10

Veggie option - Yes

Overall - It's Tesco, it's good value for money and it's tasty. 7/10


  1. Had a brekkie at tesco at the Richo at Coventry, it was rank, cold, fried bread was so hard it shattered, and the black pudding was that hard and overcooked I couldnt get the fork in it, it was crunchy, poor show. XXX

  2. I find Tesco brekkies vary greatly, some nice some not so. As the FUI sez go for what looks fresh. I'v had eggs that must of been sitting there under those lights for a while as the yolks were solid. And a solid 'end' slice of fried bread is not ideal. But at that price you cant really grumble and unlike Morrisons you can help your self to condiments.


  3. I once had a solid end slice of fried bread and it was a bit much really.

  4. Tesco - Ipswich Road, Norwich has removed its cafe in favour of a Costa coffee. I have not been back since. :(

  5. Tescos in Stroud can serve a great breakfast, but sometimes the wait is forever and the food is awful, The ladies in Lydney Tescos however are goddesses, always look for the older ladies they will make a lovely brakfast just for you :).......