Tuesday 20 April 2010

Return to Lindens

5 months after my stay at Lindens Guest House in Peterborough having decided to never set foot in there again I find myself ringing on the doorbell again. I was going to see "The Meteors" and needed a cheap room, this time only £20 for the night and I figured I would skip breakfast anyway so not a problem as the rooms seemed ok. After a great night out and a top performance by the kings of Psychobilly I wake up feeling hungry and notice they were still serving breakfast.

It is never wise making decisions with a hangover and maybe that was why 5 minutes later I found myself entering that breakfast room again. This time it was just me in there, I sat down thinking last time must have been a one off, perhaps they have a new cook, maybe they had read my negative review on bookings.com that I left. I heard footsteps, looked up and the same guy was standing there looking like he really couldn't be arsed to be there. Oh well, one way to find out I thought and ordered the fry-up again. I could hear him pottering around in the kitchen preparing it and minutes later he re-appeared, put it in front of me and said 'full English."

I'm not sure 'full English' best describes it but at least this time it was cooked! The presentation needs working on and curry flavoured sausages were a bit weird but a slight improvement at least.


  1. All very well if you live in or near Norwich.....

    1. Many of the places I have visited are in Norwich so I guess living nearby makes the blog more useful. The post below is a very good point though!

  2. Which he does. If you want a blog more suited to where you live then you should start one.

  3. Gotta lurve Peterborough.....