Wednesday, 26 July 2017

2017 Spanish Food Adventure - Day 3

Recovery day in Calella

We woke up fairly early today and felt surprisingly good considering the amount of alcohol consumed last night, we were feeling quite peckish though so went out for something to eat. It was only once we were outside that we realised that we both felt slightly drunk still. Some giant sweet bananas lured us into a shop on the main shopping street of Calella.

A giant sweet banana and a sweet fried egg seemed like a perfectly acceptable breakfast this morning!

We took a walk along here trying to piece together how we got home last night and how late we might have stayed at the festival until. It was no good though the best part of last night was a complete blank.

Something savoury seemed like a good idea so we stopped at a cafe and enjoyed taking in some fresh air outside. The owner seemed to take forever to prepare what we'd ordered but finally it arrived.

A spicy chicken sandwich for me and a vegetable bikini for my wife. After this we returned back to the hotel for more much needed sleep. The lack of air conditioning in the hotel didn't seem to be a problem which was a massive relief, with the curtains closed and both balcony doors open the room stayed quite cool.

We woke up feeling ok but decided to recover fully this evening and return to the festival again tomorrow. Every time we visit Calella we eat at Les Caves, this was our plan for tonight.

The half a chicken, chips and salad here is the best ever, it costs just €9.50.

As you walk in Les Caves the chickens can be seen rotating on the spits. The meat is really tender and is well seasoned with a special mix of herbs and spices, the chips are double fried and the salad is really fresh.

We also ordered some Catalan bread, it arrives toasted with some garlic and tomatoes which can be rubbed over the top of it, simple but so delicious.

With the bill comes the best hazelnut liquor I've ever tasted.

We'd almost given up trying to find an old air raid shelter (Refugi Antiaeri del Parc) open but on our third attemp the door was finally open, it can be found in Park Dalmau on the back streets of Calella.

It costs just €1 to go inside, on the walls are the history of this shelter which dates back to the 1930's.

As you peer into the sections off the main tunnel it all gets quite spooky!

To get over the spooky goings on in Refugi Antiaeri del Parc I had a chocolate brownie ice cream, it was sublime.

We decided to call it a day and grabbed a couple of drinks on the way back to the hotel. I don't recall seeing these flavours of Tango back in the UK, the grape was particularly nice.

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  1. Hmmm sweet banana's and sweet eggs....sounds like hell to be honest. A 'vegetable bikini' sounds more interesting than it looks. The chicken looks great, the chips and salad are a bit standard cafe guys need to treat yourselves to a good meal.

    1. Chicken, chips and salad in Les Caves is something that maybe doesn't come across so well in a photo, it tastes far better than standard cafe fair. The really decent food gets served later in the trip in Seville πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Š