Saturday, 4 November 2017

The Japanese Food Adventure Chapter 3 - Day 17. Back to Nara

My morning view from the futon in Ryokan, I was so comfortable I couldn't really be bothered to get up. It was only the thought of the Japanese breakfast that finally made me surface.

First I tried out the onsen, so relaxing! I initially thought I wouldn't be able to use it as I had tattoos. The owner informed me that the door locked though so I could use it privately if I wanted to.

We made our way through to the breakfast room where a feast awaited us.

My wife asked for tofu instead of fish but she was still served seafood, so a lesson learnt there. Not a huge issue though as I ate my wife's seafood and she still had plenty of food.

I couldn't identify the seafood, squid maybe? It was incredibly fresh though and tasted superb.

The tofu was served with broccoli and tomato. The fresh fish was beautifully presented with a flower.

Green tea soba noodles topped with chives, sesame seeds and a large prawn.

To the side of the place mat was a shallow bowl with a lid covering it. I lifted the lid to find a raw egg, tomato and sausage slice. 

Underneath a small flame was heating the bowl so I popped the lid back on again.

Eventually the egg had cooked so I blew the flame out and enjoyed a few breakfast items I was more familiar with.

Finally a rich chocolate mouse served with fresh fruit, a delicious end to a stunning breakfast.

On the breakfast table there was a Witticism card machine featuring cats.

We'd thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Kyoya Ryokan, the luxurious and spacious surroundings were a real treat. Hiroshi had been an excellent host, he gave us a bag of Japanese snacks as we left.

Half an hour walk away was our home for tonight, Hotel Wing. A double room here cost us ¥5985 (£40) per night. It was a hotel we were familiar with as we'd stayed here only last year when we visited Nagoya.

So apart from our stay in a Ryokan why were we back in Nagoya again? To be honest, as a city it doesn't particularly interest us. We were using it as a base to visit the nearby Site of Reversible Destiny in Yoro Park, described as "an experience park conceived on the theme of encountering the unexpected". When planning our trip though it slipped my mind that most places to visit in Japan are closed on a Monday, as was Site of Reversible Destiny.

It was a wet, grey Monday in Nagoya and we needed a back up plan. In the end we decided to revisit Nara where we'd been in 2014, armed with our faithful brollies we jumped on a Nara bound train.

Time to try some Japanese snacks given to us by Hiroshi. 
This was a giant soy flavoured rice cracker snack.

Aji curry were crispy sticks with a mild curry flavour.

Eventually we reached Nara. Many places may be closed on a Monday in Japan but we figured visiting the Deer in Nara was a safe bet. 

In the pouring rain we walked to Nara Park where we were greeted by the deer.

We feed them deer biscuits and thoroughly enjoyed their company. The rain kept getting heavier though so we didn't hang around here for very long.

This mall was the perfect place to keep dry. We walked up and down looking for somewhere to have lunch and ended up in a curry house.

I chose a combination of curry's served together whilst my wife opted for a vegetable curry. 

On the train back to Nagoya I explored more of the Japanese snacks in my bag. This one was my favourite, a long and chewy fish snack coated in breadcrumbs.

Back in Nagoya it was still pouring down with rain so returned to the hotel stopping at Family Mart for supplies on the way.

I'd eaten this bento box a few times now and for just ¥360 (£2.40) it was always well worth the money. Inarizushi, pork ball, rice battered squid, sausage and egg, loved it!

Tonight I fancied something sweet too and this chocolate layered bread costing ¥115 (77p) certainly hit the spot.

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